I never thought I could fall in Love by Chanchaldeep Singh Sandhu

  Title: I never thought I could fall in Love
 Author: Chanchaldeep Singh Sandhu
 Price: INR 99
                  I picked up Chanchaldeep Singh Sandhu’s ‘I never thought I could fall in Love’ published by Penguin(India) expecting it to be a fun,breezy read.The front cover looked somewhat attractive(yes,I do have a fetish for lean,waxed female legs)and a witty desi campus novel was what I was looking for after a long,tiring day of work.A good 140 minutes and 156 odd pages later, I realized what I had laid hands on was nothing but a worthless addition to the list of wannabe ‘national best sellers’ from yet another MBA graduate.
                        For those of you who still wish to know what the book is all about,here is the plot(?) summary.
                 Ronnie(Romil Khanna) is the campus playboy who can bed any hot chick in the campus if he wishes.A couple of ‘sex scenes’ later he finds his true love(Monica) and desperately wants her to reciprocate his feelings.Half a dozen supposedly funny sequences occur in between(I din’t find any of them remotely funny)and all zz well in the end.
                With a predictable story line,un inspiring characters and a bland narrative(often marred by grammatical errors and dumb one-liners)the book has nothing going it’s way.Even the sex scenes in the book look forced and have been written in an un imaginative and boring manner.I was often wondering why Penguin decided to publish this book at all.I seriously hope that the author doesn’t come up with more similar stuff in the near future. No one expects literary stuff from a book titled ‘I never thought I could fall in love’.But when it fails to deliver what it had offered,what will you do?

Bottom Line/Final Verdict:  1/5 (Trash).Re-read Bhagat’s ‘Five Point Someone’ instead!
Ps- This is not the kind of book which is worthy of a review. I bought this book misled by the couple of ‘positive reviews’ for this book in the internet.I don’t want you people to make the same mistake I made.
-reviewed by nikhimenon


  1. L.M.A.O.!!! this was so hilarious; i love d review. :D u bet i'm not going to read this. :P

  2. Oh God I so remember reading the book...thrilled by the synopsis.. but what a DISASTER :O

  3. You ask a very pertinent qstn: why did Penguin agree to publish this? So much MBA-lit flooding the market these days- plotless, homourless, cliche-ridden, sometimes plain grammatically incorrect. I blame Chetan Bhagat.


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