I am not twenty four .. by Sachin Garg

where to begin about this book.. I usually do not read books by Indian authors, specially the new age ones [ had few really bad experieences]. So when my room mate told this was a decent book, i was curious to read the synopsis, which read like this :

I m not 24 is story of Saumaya, Malappa & Shubhro 
which should have been a love triangle but wasn t. 

The three of them,coming from different worlds,
are throuwn into a fourth world called Karnataka.

But it is not virgin beaches or exotic dancers that await them. 
They are to be welcomed by blood, riots, violet bosses and cut limbs.

Will Saumya survive her job in the middle of nowhere?
Will Malappa s superiority help him survive 
or become the cause of his downfall? 
Will Shubhro prove that a heart of gold 
can survive through Marijuana smoke and Beer rich blood?

Enough to make me curious !! And then I had to travel so this book was chosen to be read. Initial writing style was good , then a bit lengthy and boring at places but as soon as the last and [ as i realized later, most important] character entered the story, I was totally glued to this one. Most of the incidents were unexpected and interestingly woven into the narration. Though Malappa's character could have either been done away with , or developed a bit ..
And what completely took me by surprise was the end !! I swear I was actually glad it was done so differently and well planned !

This sure looks like an easy read but it will not be easily forgotten :)
Am all smiles after this one ! Few more than when I started it though ;)
Rating : 3.5 [ +0.5 for the fabulous end] / 5
Other details :
ISBN-13: 9789380349213,978-9380349213
Pages : 224
Price : 65 [ on flipkart] 100/- in shops


  1. the title somehow reminds me of the movie '13 going on 30'

    I dont trust these Indian authors. specially the new-age ones. Every Tom,dick and harry comes up with a book that has the same stuff.... life, love, struggle with a lot of bad writing and crap imagination in between.

    I am not to sure if i will buy this one, but yeah will give the e-book a try if i get it.

  2. FL .. have you ever seen em recco a book to some one which I won't like ?? Or which has something new to offer ?? its cheap .. buy from flipkart :P dnt be such a snob oki !!! ;)

  3. no no no...not from flipkart...if i order via them then i hafta pay extra 30 bucks for home delivery :P anything less than 100, they charge for delivery :P

  4. i have read this one! :D even i loved the end- its worth it reading this book, just for the way it ends! n i also liked it that a guy wrote from the point of view of a girl- n didn't do a bad job of it at all! ;)

  5. I have this book on my shelf. Sister has read this one. :D


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