Ultrashort Book Review: Death of the Eyes by Pallichal Rajamohanan


This one is a classic case of gimmicks spoiling the readability of a book. This is a thriller about a girl getting abducted , the investigation that ensues, and what happens eventually. But with a bland narrative, plastic characters, and a gimmicky find your clue at the end of each chapter trope which seriously hampers the readability and relegates the whole proceedings as a childish attempt, this supposed crime thriller ends up as an epic misfire. The cheesy title, which apparently refers to the villain's evil intentions, refers to Eyes and not Ice! (In fact, I figured this out only when I had a second look at the tagline after finishing with the book)

I had a hard time finishing this one; maybe you might enjoy this one if your idea of a crime thriller  is cracking a ‘ Sheruvinu Vazhikaattuka’ kind of activity at the end of each chapter!

Skip this one!


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