#BookReview: My Ride, I Love You by Patrick Rangimant

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A few months back while searching for new Asian dramas to watch, I came across a show in the BL (Boys Love) genre from Thailand. It is no secret that I like shows and books in BL genre a lot, so I ended up watching about a dozen BL series/movies since then. Since I keep an eye on the BL upcoming dramas, I came to know about My Ride the series which will be an adaptation of this book - My Ride, I Love you.
My Ride,I love You (MRILY)  started as twitter fiction and was later made into a full novel in the Thai language. Fortunately, the author decided to also release the English translation on Kindle before the series. 

MRILY is the story of Doctor Tawan and a motor-taxi driver Mork. Tawan meets Mork when he uses his motor-taxi to go to his boyfriend's place. As the visits become frequent, his conversations expand with Mork from pleasantries to other topics.  Gradually, they become friends and end up spending more time together. While Mork starts having feelings for Tawan, he never oversteps his boundaries and instead makes peace with just making Tawan happy and being inspired by his hard work.

MRILY is not a love story, but more a journey to reach the beginnings of the love story for all characters in the book. Since it was majorly set in a hospital, It was quite interesting to know of the personal life of the doctors/staff and appreciation for their efforts. It takes inspiration from author's own profession and life as a neurologist and made for a unique setting for me. All characters are fleshed out and have their own role in the story without any unnecessary drama. The progression from strangers to friends for Tawan and Mork are quite relatable and sweet. Their conversations with their respective best friends about love and their doubts give a lot of positive thoughts.

My favorite part was the FB page which Mork reads to find answers to questions of his heart. The posts/answers/thoughts of the admin of the page were something I had not read before regarding Love & relationship. For instance, on topic of one-sided love, Mork learns that instead of giving up or feeling bitter, he should just learn his position and make the other person happy from next to that person's heart, if not in that heart.

Kudos to the translator for the book to keep all the essence of setting, the casual banter, the cultural references intact throughout the book. The language is simple, the flow of the story is smooth throughout and even with an open ending ( or not ), this book is quite satisfying to read. Even though this is BL/ LGBT story, please be assured that there are no explicit scenes and the book can be read simply as a story on friendship and love and family.  I can not wait to see this as a live-action show now.

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