Review: Cheese in the Trap ( Webseries + Show ) by Soon kki

Cheese in the Trap, Season 3 Cheese in the Trap by Soon Kki
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I came across this show on Netflix while searching for a show featuring Park Hae-jin. Once I started the show, I got so engrossed in the character played by him in the show that I read the webtoon series to read more in detail about his character and also because almost everyone online cried that the webseries messed up the ending big time. I feel the same very strongly.

This is a story of a group of university kids going through various exams , friendships , love , influences from other people and their struggles in general. The focus of the show is on the relationship between hard working student Hong Seol , who is in the university only because of scholarship and by doing various jobs and her senior Yoo Jung who is seemingly perfect , rich & moody kid with a dark side to him. The story covers their struggles to connect to each other and ways they both bring a change to each other in subtle ways in the beginning which ultimately rolls into defining their characters in a completely new light. Inside the university, they engage with other students , each having its own story arc and being influenced by Yoo Jung in mysterious ways. Outside the university, we have the story of Yoo Jung's old friends - the brother sister duo who in their own way are the culprit and victim of how Yoo Jung interacts with the world.

The webtoon series is beautifully done - the expressions  , the setting , the dialogues and the moments of internal conflict and thoughts are all neatly drawn. There is a clear growth in the characters depicted not just by their actions but also tiny little actions they engage in. After watching the series , I was not expecting to be awed by the webtoon much but I was so wrong. the webtoon has so much depth in terms of plot and the story development. All the supporting casts , though seem to be in shades of grey , manage to get some sympathy from the reader. The highlight of this series for me is Yoo Jung's character and his growing attachment to Seol that makes him justify his actions in weird ways.

Read the webtoon here for the awesomeness it is , but if its too long for you , watch the show on Netflix [ i rate that 7.5/10 (1 point deducted for the ending) ]

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