Run Away by Harlan Coben

           First things first, I'm a die hard fan of Harlan Coben, whom I believe is one of the most entertaining pulp thriller writers of this generation.Be it his Myron Bolitar series or his stand-alone thrillers, Coben never fails to entertain the reader.
            Run Away is the latest stand alone thriller from Coben and like many of his recent stand alone works, this one is also about the search for a missing child.Simon Greene is a highly successful professional and with his doctor wife Ingrid and his three children he had been leading a peaceful life.But then,his eldest daughter Paige,who had gone to the Uni,turns a drug addict and runs away.Simon can't fathom what made his beloved daughter to become an outcast but he suspects that it has something to do with her boy friend, Aron Cornwall.Run Away is all about Simon's search for his daughter and his efforts to bring her back to the security of their home.
            Like his previous works, in Run Away also Coben has succeeded in keeping the reader hooked to the proceedings to a very large extend.The writing is crisp and twisty enough to keep you guessing till the very last page. Coben is indeed a master of twists that the moment you think the novel is coming to it's finale, he starts throwing twists at you one after the other.The characters are also very well etched out and the reader can easily identify with the mental trauma that Simon Greene is going through with his daughter missing and his wife in coma.

On the whole, I am giving a 4 out of 5 for this work.This one is definitely a fast paced thriller!


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