Regional: G.R. Indugopan's 'Beeja Bankile Penkutty'

'Beeja Bankile Penkutty' is the collection of two Novellas by G.R. Indugopan. The first one ,'Paasham' tries to explore the after effects of a 'mischief' done in the prime of youth and also goes on to delve into themes like fighting one's own 'inner demons', while the second story, 'Beeja Bankile Penkutty' is about the unusual relationship between a meritorious student and a girl who works in a Sperm Bank.

Like Indugopan's previous works, 'Paasham' explores the lives of people who live in the lower strata of the society and has almost the same tone as the stories featured in 'Padinjare Kaalam Chorakakkalam','Ammini Pillai Veettu Case' and so on.I think, by now, the author has become a master of this sub-genre.The characters are raw, rustic and are mostly believable.'Beeja Bankile...' has more of an urban setting and is also a largely enjoyable tale, but one gets the feeling that the theme could have been explored further.

On the whole, this compilation is worth your time.I'm giving it a 3.5 out of 5.


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