Peter Swanson's 'Her Every Fear'

                                                        Her Every Fear
                                        Peter Swanson
                                      Thriller/Psychological Thriller

                         I had read Peter Swanson's previous book 'The Kind Worth Killing' sometime back and absolutely loved it.So, when I got a chance to pick up his follow up to that work,I never felt the need to think twice.'Her Every Fear' revolves around the life of Kate Priddy who is suffering from PTSD.

                        Kate has just agreed for n house swap and she has just relocated to Boston from London, to her cousin's (Corbin Dell) apartment whereas he has gone to her at London.But a day after her arrival at Boston, she figures out that her neighbour,the twenty something girl has gone missing and in all probability might have been murdered. Pretty soon she realises that her cousin, Corbin might have had something to do with the young girl's disappearance. Enter Alan, the stalker-neighbour who lives just next door and Jack Ludovico, the mysterious man (with secrets) who claims to be the missing girl's friend and the proceedings get murkier.

                     Like his previous work,'The Kind Worth Killing', 'Her Every Fear' is also pretty long at 400+ pages, but that doesn't mean that the narrative is slow paced. Infact the writing is crisp and replete with twists and turns and most of the chapters end with cliff-hangers! The pathological relationship between Henry Wood and Corbin Dell has been beautifully described but the repetitive detailing of the same events from each of the principal character's point of view could have been done away with at times (especially towards the end).There aren't many characters in the book and the main characters like Kate, Corbin ,Henry have been etched out well.

On the whole, I'm giving it a 3.6 out of 5.This one is an engaging read!


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