Review: Just Haven't Met You Yet by Cate Woods

Just Haven't Met You Yet Just Haven't Met You Yet by Cate Woods
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This is a story that tries to seek answers for the quest we have to find our soul mate. What if technology can accurately match you to your soulmate ? Does it really have to be a romantic link up always ? and what it takes to find love otherwise ?
Percy is in a steady relationship when she is made aware that she has a soulmate and if she wishes , she can meet the persona nd decide what to do about it. Finding herself a little bored and in need of an adventure , she goes for the date and her life changes after that.    

A really fun read , part relatable and part wise yet fun enough to make you smile. This book made me read till 2 am just to know the end and to see where the heart actually fits for Percy. I liked the friendships , the moments of connections with a stranger or the ways our heart and inner voice lead us to right decisions , only if we keep our heads clear. This is a very current time read and without being preachy , it's a wonderful story.

Later when I reflected on the title and the story , it also felt that perhaps its about finding yourself in a new light. Maybe You haven't met the better version of you yet !

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