Untamed by Laxmi Hariharan

Untamed , the story of Leena opens with her travelling to the temple of Hugging saint to seek answers about herself. She is the only hybrid human in the city which confuses her about the way the city has kept itself pure blood since the great Tsunami. We see snippets of the background story through her thoughts and conversation with a fellow old passenger but what makes this an interesting read is the way her emotions and feelings are described so real. The clashes of two spirits inside her and the tragic guilt that she harbors in her heart makes Leena so much vulnerable yet there is a strength humming in her very existence. 

I picked Untamed to begin with as I liked the plot. This short read though left me wanting for more. Hence I am going to pick Feral next since that seems to be the choice by many readers and the author too. Each book in the Many Lives universe is a stand alone in the series hence I would try to finish rest of the books too.

This was a good sample of Laxmi's writing and her master-ship on this genre. 

Many Live Series - 

Feral (Maya's story)
Taken (Jai's story. Jai is Ruby and Vik's son. Mikhail is introduced in Taken)
UnTamed (Leana origin 's story. Leana is Maya's daughter)
Redemption (coming soon) Leana and Mikhail's story

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My rating : 4/5

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