The Dark Side of Light by Sanil Sachar

I can sense the end approach
Although I am yet to begin

As I started to write this review , and think back on all that I read , understood , pondered and questioned about in the book , these lines sum the whole experience for me. The book has ended for me but it has opened up a lot of probable stories for me too. 

The book opens with a story “An eye for an eye” which is like an infinite loop of action and reaction. And it immediately is followed by two poems. If you read carefully and yet let your  feelings make their own connections between dots that are not there ( perhaps ),  you will realize that all these are part of one single idea , an overlapping thought. I usually read stories / poems in random order but not this time. Not after such a beginning. I was kind of forced to read in order as if the magic of the words be broken.  While the prose took me to different worlds and people ,mostly sad and broken – each story a short quick snap of lives of different characters.Each story leaving something for your understanding and imagination.

 My favorite story is Tamanna, the tale of love and sacrifice. It is a beautiful portrayal of friendship and loyalty we rarely see around. Another story that struck a chord with me was "Distant closeness" - a tale of writing and inspiration. "Members Only" and "Dinner with the Turners" ,written in two unique ways- as play and as a story,both equally pleasure to read. In fact, I think I enjoyed the plays more.

But what I will remember and return to this book personally is for the poems. After a long time,i am kind of inspired to write and read poetry. Each of the poem seemed to speak directly to me , and not just project the author's version. Such varied emotions and range of human psyche is covered in the verses- so short , tightly packed shots in middle of meaty stories. The Poem “ The dark side of Light” was for me , aptly written to explain the book and the stories / emotions portrayed in the book.

This book is a treat for all book lovers - poetry fans and short fiction admirers.

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