Arcane Rhapsodies - Poems by Navya Jain

If the word poem is making you skip this book , you are going to miss some wonderful stories ! confused ? Well , that’s the magic Navya has created here. She has retold  some very engaging myths , legends and folklore from around the world – mostly unknown to me I must admit. And the medium of this story retelling is in forms of verses. The flowing , charming , bubbling lines of rhyming poetry that have added so much beauty to each tale. I could almost imagine the tales being unfolded on a stage as the verses played in the background. It was amazing feeling I tell you . The last 2 poems are part of single story of a writer compiling poems while the last poem of his collection is shared with the reader. Another good part of the book is the summary of the stories in the end that would help you know the context or origin of the tale.

Navya’s writing is much refined and very easy to understand even if you might find few words difficult to understand. They do not spoil the flow or the feelings of the verses in any way. I totally enjoyed this book.  This is a really innovative way to present the stories from around the world. I will be looking forward to read Indian mythology and folklores in a similar way. Not just for myself but also to read to children. Perhaps this will engage them in more such activities and reading too.

Such a lovely attempt !

My rating : 5/5
PS: My only complaint is with the book cover which i feel could show a glimpse into he book or be in lighter shade.

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