#BookMemory : caretaker of the books

It is a very difficult decision when you part with something you hold dear to you. I know of people who do not give away their books to anyone. And then there are few who are very particular about getting the book back in same condition if at all they decide to lend it.

Me ? I am not so mindful. I believe that books have a mind of their own and they will go where and when they want. So i lend my books to anyone I know and hope they do return to me ( mostly i forget about them after 2 weeks ) . Though i do not give them away as willingly. But there have been occasions when some one had  given me a book from their collection saying that they trust me to take good care of the book. And that I must say is a huuge compliment.

This book came to me from a friend who had a double copy of the book. This is what she said -
Since David Baldacci has been my fav author forever now, cant help but be a little fussy about who I want to give it to
You can imagine how amazing it is to have such reputation among book lovers. And to be a good care taker.

Do you trust others with your books ?
Or are you a reliable caretaker for books ?

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