The Lemon Girl by Jyoti Arora

Lemon girl is the story of Nirvi and Arsh and one chance meeting that ties Arsh to her forever. The first meeting and the sweet cherished memory of that meeting stays alive in his mind forever. It is so well inked in his heart that years later when he meets her again , he is not ready to accept the new changed Nirvi. His "lemon girl" has masked herself behind layers of new life and yet , Arsh is adamant to bring her back though he does not know why this obsession. 

A well plotted tale of two people who are bound to each other by fate in inexplicable way. How much patience and love does it take to erase your past and make one hopeful for a future. How does one deal with demons overpowering the good heart you possess ? How do you finally forgive yourself and free your spirits for something you never understood your role in.

I truly enjoyed this story of new beginning, trusting yourself and of a guy's goal to bring happiness back to a girl. It is also a hopeful tale of Nirvi finding the right from wrong and taking a stand to win respect back in her own eyes. Jyoti's writing is very fluid and the conversations are real. The characters are well sketched and their reactions make them relatable in the context. 

Love the cover but the pages and the font might have been a little better. 

My rating : 3.5/5

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