Shatru by Vadhan , Kronikles Book 1

Shatru is the first part of the kronikles series by Vadhan which is basically the fight against evil. It isthe war of one human ( half breed actually ) against the darkness that's on rise again as it is forseen in the kaliyug.

SO what's new ?

The plot not so much but the writing totally wins. There is subtle humor and freshness to the action scenes at times. And that kept me glued to the book. That nagging feeling to go back to the book as soon as you can , the desperation to closr the last page and to be a little sad that you have to wait for the next part now.. this book gave me that.

Shatru is the best hunter in all worlds and that makes him become the focal point of war thats been fought before and will happen again too as soon as everyone realizes that darkness has begun creeping into their ranks and worlds. There are talking tree , devas , asuras , rakshas , gandharvas and a few more tribes that have their roles and tantrums within the world. All this is going to change and how !

I liked all the characters of the book and the fact that i could relate to the tribes describes since these are inspired from hindu mythology. Shatru and Kris together make a good team as well as the gaurdians that they report to. There was never a dull moment in the book nor any 30 page gap where i did not chuckle.

Go read this one for a good fun if you like fantasy fiction. Or even if you do not.

My rating : 4/5

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