RapeScars by Gaurav Sharma

Some books surprise you and yet you cn not state why. Rapescars is the story of Akriti who gets raped by her boyfriend and his friends. And this is the least of her troubles 'cause the society and the fight to get justice takes away from her the scars but leave behind the bitterness  and guilt to last a lifetime.

The story has its fair share of twists and some predictability on the whole but its the tiny details and the layers that will keep you hooked. The rape , the stigma , the responses of society and the aftermath ; a bit of each is covered here and there in these pages. You have to admit its a huge task to take up such topic and at the end of the day its the writer's personal view. But saying that, i was partly convinced with the way the story unfolds. And am so glad for the strength Akriti portrays in the book. Cheers for her folks who stand with her and go through the whole humiliating situation with her. We need such stories, and more such strength for the women till the men learn to be responsible and fair.

I admired the writing style to be simple and the conversations very realistic. The subject, as much as it has been discussed in public still has never been covered from one end to other and the in betweens in this way.

My rating is not applicable.
Just read this and pass it.
It might help a few souls.

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