A Mirrored Life by Rabisankar Bal , translated by Arunava Asinha

There are stories. Always. Stories about people , about other stories , about people telling the stories , about stories new and old and forgotten alike. Stories liek books reach you by fate. And its fate that sent Ibn Battuta on his travels , reciting and collecting tales of Rumi known to most as Maulana.

Followers of Rumi present Battuta with a manuscript of Rumi's life stories and he goes away from Konya spreading them. It is like he takes all the beauty and love form Konya ( the birthplace of Rumi ) in his heart and the gifts from fellow travellers and followers. The stories he shares are amazed as much as amazing 'cause they flow endlessly entwined with daily life of commoners.
For me these were all conversations , like snippets from an evening , the aroma of favorite cup of chai on a relaxing day. I was hooked to the book from the first page and more when the author mentions that no one can reproduce the stories as they were born. We can only share the qissa but not the physical surroundings or the emotional state of the people involved. And this is the same for this review I am writing.
I am so lucky I got to read this book that questions the answers and answers new questions. It was a difficult book to finish within a short time and I am guilty of avoiding reading more than few pages every now and then.
Do yourself a favor and read this book. ASAP.
My rating : 5/5 

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