Rapid Fall by Adiana Ray

JD avoids relationships after his divorce, but when he meets Sonia, the attraction is instant and intense. She wants a commitment, however, unwilling to settle for anything less. Can they fall in love, or will they fall apart?

Nimue Says : A beautifully knit tale of  rapids not just in river Ganga but also in love and life. 

Rapid Fall might feel like a rapid read but it is definitely not for the size of the book but for the fact that the story flows so seamlessly from Mumbai to Rishikesh and back to Mumbai.

JD meets Sonia on a trip to Rishikesh , training and saving her life during river rafting. They begin on a not so good note but something about each other keeps both wondering. finally it is JD who decides to take a chance at setting things right only to mess it up with his insecurities. 

Of course there is happy ending but the build up is amazingly done.  I thoroughly enjoyed this. It is a fresh feeling to read love stories that are real and handled with keeping in mind that readers wish to read about intelligent and real people.

Rating : 4/5

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