Love's Labour by Andy Paula

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LOVE'S LABOR: General Fiction, IndiRom

AUTHOR (Bio from Indireads): Andy Paula has been a corporate trainer, traveler, voracious reader and a blogger, who decided one day to never crush other dreams of publishing books, when she reviewed them and decided to tweak her own work. She also writes a food, travel and thoughts blog called Food Stall, Yatra and  iThink 

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“I want to talk to you after lunch,” Piali’s plea sounded more like an order.
“Yes ma’am.” Sathya did not sound surprised, at least he did not show that he was. Piali quickly finished her lunch and other chores and headed towards the door.

Don’t be foolish, Pia. You’ve met him just two days ago. Let him go away thinking you’re a smart woman, not a nervous teenager. Why did her inner voice have to start talking at the wrong time? Damn. I’ve already made a fool of myself, lemme just go ahead with it. No, Piali Roy, you’ll stop right here, right now. This man is engaged to be married.

“At your command, Your Highness.” Sathya had caught up with her and was waiting for her to speak. Piali’s throat was dry. Collecting herself quickly, she put her chin up to face the man. Sathya Nair should never know the effect he had on her.

“I wanted to talk to you about the skit.”
“The skit? I don’t believe it.” Sathya shook his head incredulously.

MSM Speaks: One of the best things about Indireads novels is that most of them create a hopeful end, at least the ones I have read. Love’s-Labor is no exception to a happy ending tale. It is a heady mix of Bollywood romance with a heavy dose of realistic tadka. The story features Piali,  a school teacher, who is not merely your average order-following woman. She is beautiful, smart and has her head on her shoulders. Plus the son of the Chairman of the school is smitten by her. Sathya, a man of integrity and personality, never thought he would be finding the love of his in a teacher who was at his school. Their chemistry is undeniable and the world is noticing it. 

The real challenge is to convince Piali's parents, the very strict Mr. Roy and his wife, Piali's mother, who is understanding but does not want to hurt her husband either, after all it is the question of alliance between a Bengali and a South Indian family. The journey of Piali and Sathya to marriage is filled with ups and downs and how they overcome it, is worth a read! Little cheesy in some places, and a little filmy in others, Love's Labor is a romantic reader's delight!

You can get the e-book for Love's Labor HERE at Indireads.

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