Governance for Growth in India by Apj Abdul Kalam

Former President, Scientist, Technocrat and a thinker – Dr. APJ Adbul Kalam does not need any introduction. There are chances that if I start words of praise this book review will need to be written in another post. In Governance for Growth in India Kalam has vividly explained the aspects of governance from his knowledge, experience and suggestions. Kalam has outlined ideas for removing corruption, fixing governance and identifying accountability, which are root for all the present chaos in India. I think this book can be used as a roadmap for development for positive changes in India. This book was suggested to me by my wife ( who is the admin if the page too) , as she knows my interest for political discourse and development debates (Mostly armchair kinds). The introduction text in the back cover. “As India chooses its 16th Lok Sabha in 2014, and voters across the country are debating and discussing matters related to governance and elections, this book, from someone who has observed our national life at close quarters, is a visionary statement for every citizen to read and understand” was enough to grab my attention. Kalam, a great visionary has written this book in very practical style focusing ideas to improve development and governance in India.
The introduction starts with his recent visit to Punjab where he is interacting with a group of Young people and aswering their doubts. His answers show the true character of Dr. Kalam, and why we all have high respect for him. After the introduction the book takes us to the knowledge and overall experience of Dr. Kalam. In this book, Dr. Kalam not only hopes but believes that young Indians can change the bleak politics and politicans. He advises the government representatives to apply / follow the concept of creative leadership rather than falling into conventional methods of governance. He outlines the need of incorporating new, creative ideas and quick decision making process. This book is not only memoir, roadmap but also filled with lively examples ranging from different fields of Dr. Kalam’s experience. These examples, make the book more interesting. This book covers every possible topic related to development of the country ranging from corruption to improving defense missions. He has suggested many ideas to Election Commission too for trasparent and fair elections.

Why to read this book ? If you want to change or want to be part of change in the country you must read this book. This book will give you hope.

Why not to read this book ?
If you hate change or to be changed.

I think this is a brilliant book, should be read by every concerned citizen of India.

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