Let's Kidnap The President - Lalit Bhatt

I got a review request from the author of this book recently, and reading the small blurb on Goodreads, it felt like just the ticket for a fun, small read. Lalit Bhatt's "Let's Kidnap the President" follows the premise that monkeys become intelligent and decide to kidnap the President of the United States of America. From life in the jungle, to their evolution, the book covers a lot of time in few pages. The author delves into a lot of things through this story. Religious beliefs, power games in a small group, the will to learn something when you feel it'll help in the long run or even in the short term... all this and little more has been covered.

A group of four Indian monkeys (literally) kidnapping the President of the United States of America... the thought in itself is funny, and the actions of the monkeys are sometimes hilarious too. I even laughed at the parts where humans reacted to the monkeys talking (yes, they become so intelligent that they talk). I liked the initial description of the jungle too. It felt like what jungle life would be. However, I wouldn't say the book in its entirety is very humorous. The total lack of editing brings it down in a big way, so much so that I kind of struggled through that. It's quite funny to read the errors, but I don't feel that's the humor the author intended to have in the book. There is a dialogue in the book itself, where one of the monkeys tell the President that they know it would be difficult for humans to acknowledge the fact that a monkey can read and write (and talk, let's not forget that part). I have no qualms in acknowledging that in a fiction, or if science should reach a stage when that can happen, I'd not mind that either. But to show that evolution so quickly in a few pages, the science that is discussed in this book... Bernoulli Principal, E=mc squared. and all such discussions between the monkeys, or delivered as a lecture by professors in a college (this was a nice way to get this part of the book done) makes it seem like a text book as well.

The book's plot is kind of fun to imagine, but reading the book, I can only say it wasn't the book for me. Some humor is definitely there, that much I can say.

My rating: 1.5 / 5

Book Details:
Title: Let's Kidnap The President
Author: Lalit Bhatt
Genre: Fiction/Humor
Type: Kindle e-Book

Reviewed by Leo

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