Meri Aankhon Mein Mohbbat Ke Manjar Hain by Dinesh Gupta

Poetry is the exact opposite of writing novels. What poet says in a few stanzas, an author has to say in thousand words! Because of this reason poetry becomes much difficult to master and also difficult to deliver that pleases people. Dinesh Gupta, with his debut novel tries to do so.

He is a poet who describes the beauty in his own way.  It might not only be for a beloved but can be the beauty of anything or anyone. As the description at the back says that the book contains poems, shayris, articles and songs on topics other than “Love”, I went on reading it. There were some lines that captivated me and some which made me move ahead.

I love romantic songs and most of us do. The way words flow and make us remember of the past or the present. It is rightly said when you are happy you enjoy the music, when you are said you understand the lyrics. The same goes for the poet and writer, Dinesh Gupta. He is cut from the same cloth; he loves to read romantic poetry. His favourite is Kumar Vishwas and his admiration can be seen through the book.

Back to his book and the poems he has written. It is divided into five parts: Romance, Patriotism, India against Corruption, Problems that plague our Society and Dreams. All have poems ranging from few lines to 3-page long poems.

It is a nice experience to read poems from a person who is from the similar age group and understands what the youth wants. All his poems are worth reading one time but one that is the most praised and loved poem of his is ‘Diya Antim Aas Ka’ and I realized why it was so. The poem describes the last few minutes of a dying solider, how he feels about his impending death and with courage he faces it, for his country.

Apart from this I liked “Main Anna Bol Raha hun’, which was a poem under the category of India against corruption. Since the book was a Hindi poetry book, it is special for me. The time when I see all of us vying to be modern and which leads our inclination towards English, it is good to see people still wanting to write in Hindi and giving books worth reading.

I will give the book three stars for the poems, and one star for the courage of the author for being different.

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