The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo - Stieg Larsson

Another bandwagon I have been too late to jump on(the others being Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings series),The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo kept recommending itself to me until I finally got down to reading it...more like watching the movie,being horrified and then quietly deciding to read it.
Not that the movie wasn't great but I prefer reading violence to watching it.
And I ain't regretting nothin'.

You know a story only as much as you know it's characters and here,Stieg Larsson leaves nothing to chance.Even though none of the characters are endearing in the normal sense of the word,you still end up empathising with them.

The book is the tale of two(and more) people, set to the background of a snow-covered Sweden, who are destined to meet to unravel a messy murder story.That of Harriet Vanger, niece to Henrik Vanger(eccentric powerful billionaire chairperson of the family-business, Vanger Industries) who disappeared without a trace 19 years ago during the annual family board meeting,leaving her uncle wondering what happened to her for the rest of his life and plunging the already dysfunctional family into further dysfunctional-ness.

And who better to un-knot this mess than journalist Mikael 'Kalle' Blomkvist(played by Daniel Craig in the movie *applause*),the eye-of-the-storm in the media-managed Wennerströaffair where Bomkvist was accused of defaming the industrial financier magnate Hans-Erik Wennerström.
Joining Blomkvist in his seemingly fruitless and obscure search for Harriet is the girl with the dragon tattoo. Lisbeth Salander. Hacker extraordinaire. Social Pariah.Rationally Irrational.And victim to the society's appalling guardianship system.But she isn't going to take anything lying down.
And what follows is the pulling out of (a lot of) skeletons from the proverbial family cupboard...but not all skeletons want to be pulled out.

The language is very factual and straightforward(alluding to the author's journalistic background) with a lot of detail regarding politics and social policy which I found tiring at times and words are treated as words with none of the hidden shades of meaning in the labyrinths of prose stuff.Hence,be warned,reader discretion is advised.
The story is as gruesome and graphic as a story could ever get at times and a lot of explicit stuff is thrown at you with no preamble whatsoever...not recommended for your 15-year old book-loving niece.No sir.
So waving your tab around with the book opened at a serious Teach India conference is NOT a good idea.I should know.

And now excuse me while I go dig into The Girl Who Played With Fire.

Book Specifications:
Original Title Män som hatar kvinnor (2005 - Swedish), This edition The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2009) by Knopf
Author Stieg Larsson 
ISBN 0307269752 (ISBN13: 9780307269751)
Series Millenium #1

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