Drop Dead - Swati Kaushal

It took me quite some time to finish this time and I would like to blame it to the things I am dealing with currently. Too muchdrop-dead-a-niki-marwah-mystery-275x275-imaddj27vdvzc63h work pressure, travelling and too much running around. I am only getting an hour or two daily to read. Drop Dead by Swati Kaushal is a well thought story with interesting characterisation and series of events.

Swati Kaushal, the author has penned down two books previously named Piece of Cake & A Girl Like me. Drop Dead begins with the a death, death of Rakesh Mehta known as Rak who is the CEO of Indigo, a leading publishing house of India. Rak had an high held ego and people working at Indigo were not actually fond of him. His colleagues, Adit Bhatnagar, Meher, Rina, Pawan, Manav Luthra hated him for some or the other reason. Niki Marwah, the protagonist of the book is the superintendent of Police and with her efficient team of police officers having ACP Shankar Sahay, Inspector Pande and Gupta took charge of the case. Also, it was Niki Marwah's Daadi's 80th birthday and her family kept on bothering all the time because they thought she would be attending the celebrations as she is busy solving the case.

A lot of other characters get introduced as the story progresses. Each one of them having a significant role in the story. The only thing I disliked about the book is the length of it but I must also point out that I couldn't figure out who the murderer was till the very end of the book.

Swati Kaushal surely knows how to twist the story and keep it moving swiftly from one character to another and the same goes for the plot. Thumbs up for Swati Kaushal's Drop Dead and if you like reading women centric stories, then pick this book up.

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Hachette India
ISBN : 978-93-5009-449-5
Genre : Thriller, Fiction


  1. The plot sounds a teeny weensy bit clich├ęd to me but if the author could have kept you guessing till the end,I suppose it must make up for the length!
    Pointless observation, but somehow the lady on the cover reminds me of Priyanka Chopra in Don 2!

  2. hahaha i might pick this one. Although am pretty sure I wouldn't. Thankfully Hachette didn't send me this one. Btw Yatin, is it just me or is Hachette sending us a lot more desi authors?

  3. They send me a list and I pick books which look interesting to me. :)


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