Book Review - Herogiri - Mainak Dhar

Mainak Dhar, this is his second book I have read and it has left me wondering how the hell he gets ideas for writing his books. His first book that I read was The Cubicle Manifesto, which is a self help book and makes you think about your professional life and how to stabilise it with your personal life. Herogiri is nowhere near that. It is out and out masala book which is an absolute page turner. 

The book opens with a bank robbery. A guy in his twenties who looks like as if he doesn't eat anything and wears big glasses. He somehow manages to give those robbers a run for their money and ends up being a hero for everyone. Only he knows the truth, what had happened that day. Arnab, the protagonist of the book is an orphan, who is working as an assistant librarian in a Delhi University college. His boss, head librarian Jayantda, is a tough guy to please and keeps taunting Arnab for something or the other. 

Arnab has his own issues with the crime in the city. He manages to save a girl from being raped in a city bus and also teaches a lesson to some rich brats who are always on hunt to rape one woman or the other. In this course, he realises that he has developed some super powers. He takes help of Khan Chacha, who is an ex-armyman and develops these powers and becomes the guardian angel of Delhi. Then comes the real task, a terror attack in Delhi and Arnab had to deal and shake hands with all those people who had tried to harm in time and again. The plot of the book keeps getting better and better as it progresses. 

Mainak Dhar's writing has got style. He knows the which nerve of the reader he has to hold and carry on with the plot. Herogiri is also getting made into a movie. Director Riya Kapoor is doing it and I would definitely catch up with the movie as well. If you are looking for an out and out masala book with loads of action and innocence personified, pick Herogiri by Mainak Dhar, you would love it. I am sure. 

Book Source : Publisher
Publisher : Random House India
Genre : Fiction
ISBN : 9788184001334 

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