The Fist Of God - Frederick Forsyth

 Title : The Fist Of God
 Author : Frederick Forsyth
 Publisher : Corgi Books, Random House
 Genre : Fiction, Thriller
 Pages : 624
 ISBN : 978 0552 139908

This was my first Frederick Forsyth book and throughout I was cursing myself that why didn't I pick any of his books in the past. Now, you know what I mean. The Fist Of God is one of the most brilliantly written books that I have read so far and I have no qualms in saying that, Forsyth is someone whose books must be made compulsory for those who are into thrillers and high end suspense and drama. 

I had always wanted to read a book by Frederick Forsyth and I picked up two titles recently from a book sale. With so many books pouring in daily for reviews I hardly find time to read the books that I brought for myself. The book is again a facts + fiction and this is genre that I absolutely love reading. There are too many characters in the book and their cast list is given at the very beginning of the book. With too many characters, the book becomes quite confusing at times, but I successfully managed to keep a track of who is who and who is doing what and when throughout the book. :D

The book is based on the first gulf war and is wonderfully tense. The research done for the book is detailed and have been put up in a journalistic way. The plot if set up in Middle East, Washington, London, Saudi Arabia and Baghdad. The descriptions of places and people are highly impressive and once you manage to sail through the first few chapters of the book, you would hardly think of putting it down before you reach the last page. Though it took me some time to finish this one. 

Though, people might find the ending of the book to be a bit disappointing, but that can be neglected because the rest of the book is amazing. Also, the life of Saddam Hussain and the way it has been described in the book makes you fall for it, though we don't know how much is fact in there and how much is fiction. 

Pick this book up if you are into espionage and war books. The kind of politics that has been woven in the plot would leave you astounded and might psyche you out as it did to me. I am a non-political person, I hate politics to the core but I absolutely loved it when I was reading this one. 


  1. hell yeah. this is one of my favorite books. This and Icon.

    Forsyth man, is a true legend. I absolutely loved the boooooook. Have you, by any chance, read The Day of the Jackal? If not, read read read that

  2. No man, as I said in my review, this was my first forsyth book. I am surely gonna pick up his work in the future.


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