Hexagon by Ishaan Lalit

A Thrilling tale about Rahul Oberoi,an art thief whose great achievement was that he had never been caught. All that changed when he along with his girlfriend and partner Ria are apprehended during a heist.They are then taken to a top secret underground government facility where rahul's grandfather worked. In the middle of this facility is an ancient device made of stone adorned with mysterious carvings. It is a gateway to six parallel dimensions and six different earths. they are then embroiled in a war waged by a violent race called the moths and the fate of the six earths depends on the outcome of this war.

 I read Ishaan's first book and I have read it twice since then. It was firsttime some indian author wrote a fantasy/sci-fic book and wrote it so damn well. [ I recommend you to do read that. ]

Hence there was much wait and expectations from Hexagon for me. The story as outlined above is pretty straight and almost expected. Now with such books , it becomes all the more important to make the characters and events memorable. The cause and effect of each character / community should be in a way that one thinks about them days after finishing the book and marvel at the author's thought.

There are indeed some part of the books which are done well. But then there are pages and pages where the characters are so dumb, so unreal. The conversations are just not worth reading line by line. It was like reading subtitles for a non english movie. Rahul is not arrogant , but comes across as stupid and a spoiled brat. Rarely does he think before he says or acts. One doesn't expect the hero of all earths to be a coward but poilte and humble sure can be imagined. 

Ria , his girlfriend ; Khaled and his girl Mia , the Moth emperor , his arrmy head , all of them have their good and bad scenes. Unfortunately for me , the bad ones are far more than the good ones. Also the events are not linked or given a befitting cause or reason .

Only character I liked in the ook is of high priest and their fountain of red liquid.

This is an easy read in the sense you would want to finish it.
But how satisfied you are after this reading experience, I can not comment.

Rating : 2/5


  1. Arre, sounds interesting re! :)

    PS: What are the other works by him?

  2. his first book , the one before this was "the bracelet". and that is superb ! please do read it.

    This one is ok. As i said , its interesting but not written well .. There are things that will sure put you off !

  3. the cover is so creepy! i wouldn't want this lying around on my bed :P but i will read his first book, i might like that one! :)

  4. you sure would love it Arpita ..


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