Eighty Days Blue - Vina Jackson

Some ten days back, I reviewed Eighty Days Yellow here. It is the first book of the Eighty Days Trilogy by Vina Jackson and Eighty Days Blue is the second book of the trilogy. 

In the previous book, Dominik, for whom Summer has fallen for flies down to New York to meet her. Eighty Days Blue begins from here, Dominik and Summer meet and have a good time in New York. They get to know each other better, visit a strip club and try it all. Dominik also moves to New York in a couple of months so that he can spend more time with Summer and also work on his research. Summer, when Dominik wasn't in New York, falls in a trap, cunningly set up by Victor, who knew Dominik and Summer since the time they both knew each other. Summer, because of her exceptional talent as a violinist grows popular after her few solo concert. With the help of his conductor Simon and an agent Susan, she gets to travel the world and perform everywhere, leaving Dominik behind and a lot more happens in the book.

In my opinion, on the story part, Eighty Days Blue goes strong. Though at times, you would feel why the author is dragging it too much but all the twists and turns keep the fire alive and makes you want to have more and more of Summer and Dominik. As usual, its an Erotica that too focussed on BDSM, there are orgies, threesomes, and a lot of action that happens throughout the book. Vina Jackson, or should I say both the authors have ensured that they give it all what an erotica is all about and have successfully managed to do so. Now I have to see what is there in the third and final instalment of the trilogy which is Eighty Days Red.

Book Source : Hachette India
Genre : Fiction, Erotica
ISBN : 978-1-4091-2776-5 


  1. This looks pretty meaty !
    both plot and content wise.
    Will try some day :)

  2. :) I would suggest you to pick up the whole trilogy.

  3. lets see ..
    i am accepting no new books till new year atleast.


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