Death In Mumbai - Meenal Baghel

This book was recommended to me by a friend. Honestly, I never follow real life murder cases, political news or whatsoever. I dont like to thrive on negative things. I look for positivity and thats why I hardly read newspapers, watch news channels. I am too uninformed about everything going around until unless I wish to know what actually is going around. Death In Mumbai is about the famous murder mystery of Neeraj Grover, a young TV executive, who was brutally killed by Maria Susairaj ( an actor cum dancer ) and his fiancee Emile ( a naval officer ). The case stirred the nation back then as far as I can remember, but I never really followed it. I didn't want to follow it. 

When my friend told me about this book, I decided to pick it up and absolutely loved reading it. The way Meenal Baghel, who is currently working with Mumbai Mirror as editor-in-chief spoke to almost everyone associated with the case. Some known names and some spoke to her only on one condition that their identity should be kept under cover. The book psyches you out completely when you read some things. The insanity of the whole case will actually drive you crazy at points. 

The author spoke to Neeraj's friends, family, people who had worked with him, Ekta Kapoor as Neeraj used to work for Balaji Telefilms, Moon Das, who was approached to play the character of Maria Susairaj and herself was a victim of another insane killing of her mother and uncle by her ex-husband. Ram Gopal Varma, who made a movie adapting the entire case history, Rakesh Maria, top cop of the Mumbai crime branch who resolved the whole case. 

The way this book has been written, it throws light on many things. The way when Maria Susairaj confesses her doing psyches out again completely, it did happen to me. It leaves you aghast, that how can a human be so insane, so brutal to another human being. I highly recommend this book if you wish to know what exactly happened. It is an unputdownable, roller coaster ride. 

Book Source : Random House India
Genre : Non-Fiction 
ISBN : 978-8-184-00065-8


  1. this seems serious, i am not sure if i would like to read it right now but if you say it's good, i will pick this one up when i am in the mood for non fiction :)

  2. Its serious and spooky when how Neeraj was murdered. I psyched out completely.

  3. I'm really looking forward to picking this up now! :)


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