Blood Magic - Tessa Gratton

Blood Magic, I picked up this book because I was highly intrigued by its title and book cover. It is a fantasy fiction with magic, love, hatred, adventure, spooky stuff between two protagonists of the book Nick and Silla, but more about them later. I won't compare it with Harry Potter, but yes, those who have liked Twilight series might like this one. There are spells, secrets and much more stuff to look out for. The story is definitely intense and gripping. This is Tessa Gratton's debut novel and trust me, she must be looked out for. 

The book opens with Nick after having an argument with his father and step mother steps into a cemetery near his house. The family has recently shifted into Yaleylah, Missouri, a small town. All Nick wants is to finish his high school and run away from this place. He hates his mother but there was no option with him. While strolling in the cemetery, he sees Silla performing some kind of magic in which her blood was also ingredient. This psyches out Nick completely and he walks up to Silla and hence begin their friendship. Silla, lives near the cemetery with her brother Reese and her parents had died recently. It is being said that her father was a creepy person and he killed her mother and them committed suicide. Silla never believed this story and one day, she received a journal, written in her dad's handwriting, with some spells and methods and all of the magical stuff written in the journal had one common ingredient - Blood. There is a lot more to the plot which binds the reader. 

Tessa Gratton has made sure, that if someone picks up this book, he reads it till the very last page. The book gets a bit narrative at times but there is no point where you would feel bored or would feel the story has been dragged unnecessarily. Linked together by magic, the protagonists find themselves on a hunt for answers, the answers that could be deadly. Although eerie and gruesome at times, I enjoyed getting inside the heads of these characters. All and all it was a fun reading and those who liked  twilight series should give it a try. 

Book Source : Random House India
Genre : Fiction
ISBN : 978-0375867330


  1. The cover totally had me. It's intriguing! Must be like House of Night series by P.C.Cast and Kristin Cast, the mother daughter duo. :D

    Will search online for an e-book. Nice review :D

  2. I love this.
    After long some book has interested me good enough !

    @Yatin : are you in delhi ?? Can you please lend me this book anytime ?

  3. ooooh, why didn't i notice this before?? this is so my kinda thing :D

  4. Thanks MSM, Arpita and Nimue :)

    @Nimue : Yes, I am in NCR and I can lend you the book as well. :)

  5. cool ! will catch up some weekend :)


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