Travails Of Entrapment - Himadri Roy

 Title : Travails Of Entrapment 
 Author : Himadri Roy
 Genre : Fiction
 Publisher : Frog Books
 ISBN : 978-93-81836-01-9

If someone asks me, define "Travails Of Entrapment" the book in one word, then my answer would be "Sensitive". But before going any further in this post, I would like to share a line that Dr. Himadri Roy himself wrote for me 

We meet to create memories, we part to cherish them forever !!! 

I came across this book while surfing a popular online portal and the summary of the book encouraged me to pick it up. I contacted Dr.Roy through e-mail and asked him whether he can provide me with a review copy and he was kind enough to acknowledge my request and sent me one. 

Travails of Entrapment, is based on the life of Rohan De, the protagonist of the book. The book deals with a very sensitive topic, homosexuality. It is a very mature take on the subject and I really appreciate the way Dr.Roy has put up the entire story in the book. 

 The story is set up in Nainital and moves to Delhi and a small portion in Dehradun. Rohan De, a bright student and morally sound, is the only child of Swapon De and Gonika De, both of them are highly reputed professors in the Kumaon University, Nainital. Rohan's parents are obscenely busy with their careers. His mother, Gonika, comes across as a very arrogant and snobbish person who is least bothered about her child and his father is no less. Its their house maid, Meena or Meena Didi as Rohan addresses her, takes care of him throughout his life. She makes sure Rohan eats on time, sleeps on time and also helps him in his character development. Meena has immense faith in God and she ensures that Rohan maintains his faith in God too. 

Rohan completes his school education from Sherwood College, Nainital, where he meets Nikhil, who remains his only friend till Rohan reaches Delhi for his higher education B.A in English Honours from Delhi University despite his parent's disagreement. The friendship between Nikhil and Rohan is pure but had its weak points too. In Delhi, Rohan meets Paras and Monisha on the very first day of college itself and a lifetime friendship kicks off at the very same instant.

In his quest of life, Rohan faces serious turmoils on his personal front which breaks him emotionally. He struggles between friendship and love. Rohan's life faces pains, agonies, tears, bruises, smiles, happiness and bliss. He overcomes every difficulty with a lot of patience and courage and choose his own life, the people he wants to be with and spend rest of his life with. 

The way this book has been written is really commendable. Simple language which would make you feel for Rohan. Once you connect to the story, the book becomes an absolute page turner. Today, whole day I was reading it and thoroughly enjoyed it. Dr. Himadri Roy's writing style is simple and to the point. He knows how to pour emotions in words and makes sure you keep turning the pages as the story unfolds. The book deals with homosexuality, but there is no sign of any vulgarity or cheapness, the story is smooth, pure and feels like the author has put his heart and soul into it. 

If you are looking for something for light reading, then you can pick up this book. Give it a shot. It won't disappoint you. 

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