Circle Of Three - Rohit Gore

Title : Circle Of Three
Author : Rohit Gore
Pages : 254
Genre : Fiction
Publisher : Grapevine India

 Nimue Says :

It was on this very blog that I read the below review and so wanted to read this book. Some how I always beleive that we all are a part of a big yarn of wool. The way we are wrapped on a central core called time is hw many times we meet and part.

The name of the book tells you that the book talks of three central character who some how cross paths and influence each other's life ahead.

What you will be surprised to find is the way the characters are so damn genuinely believable and endearing in their own ways.

Aryan , the youngest and most shy link of the circle charms you with his kindness and honesty. His lonely yet dreamy existence cris-crossed with his maturity totally won my heart and love too.  Ria , the lonely grieving widow who decides to end her life following the tragedy in her life is elegant , wise and so much makes you wish all good for her days. Rana , the aged , once famous author who has been cut off from his family years ago fills his lonely existence with drinks , women and teenagers he meet at places.

three lonely people , aloof from the rest of the world , who have seen their share of love taken away by people and incidents, meet and instantly recognize the need for the company in each other. Reluctantly , yet faithfully , they stand by each other , forgetting the age difference and their backgrounds.

Uncertain future and a not so happy past-present is what each must face as they re discover themselves.

What I loved about the book was the way "three" appears in the chapter names - three coincidences , table for three , the three celebrate a festival and lastly , the circle of three. It keeps you involved in the story, not letting you forget the bigger picture even as you read about one of them.

The other characters , bound to these three are as much real and relatable. The author has so beautifully portrayed aspects of human nature and behave with daily events.

I totally loved the character of Vinny , Rana's neighbour. she reminds me of my best friend so much.

for me , this was a satisfying read. I totally look forward to Rohit's next book now. He has a way with the plot , the characters ,  the setting and the feelings.

Way to go !

My rating : 4/5.

( This review was requested by the author. thanks a ton for this opportunity to me )

Yatin Says :

"Circle Of Three" can be tagged as the perfect example of fine weaving of the stories of three complete strangers. Rohit Gore, with his book has impressed me for sure. A 254 Page book, which will definitely grip you if you sail through first few chapters, the first two. I am not saying the writing is bad, but it would take some time for you to understand what exactly the author wants to do, and once you figure that out, the book is a pleasant page turner. 

"Circle Of Three" is about three individuals belonging to different age groups.
Aryan Khosla, a thirteen year old kid, whose life is trouble in his own way. His parents do not get along and are too busy to look after him and he is constantly bullied by a bunch of kids in the school. His loneliness is something that makes him about his existence in this world. 

Ria Maratha, a thirty three year old widow, who lost her husband and the only son in an accident. She and her husband were successful scriptwriters for some extremely popular TV daily soaps. Infidelity is something that can break any person and think about the fact when a person gets to know that her husband was cheating on her, after he died. 

Rana Rathod, a sixty three year old, an author, who thinks he is quite famous. At times, you would feel like that he is an attention seeker, a wannabe, but at the same time, you would also feel that his emotions are too complex to be understood till you get to know the story of his life. 

These three strangers, meet again and again during several unexpected incidences and help each other in finding a new beginning in life. The book is about finding hope when everything looks so dark and glum. 

Rohit Gore, as I said earlier comes across as a promising writer. Though I personally feel, the book could have been at least 30-40 pages shorter, but then I liked it and this is what matters. The book is a light read and would definitely give you some thoughts to ponder about. 

(Review asked by Grapevine Publishers)


  1. I like the cover of the book instantly ! and this seems like a story i certainly would love..

    This is one of your best reviews !


  2. @Nimue : I am glad you liked the book. Feels good when someone takes your recco seriously and pick up a book :)

  3. I was just gonna buy when the request came for review. Loved that :)

  4. Ooooh, so many new books! :D Someone please gift these to me! :D

    PS: Loved both the reviews! *Thumbs Up*

  5. come and take it MSM !
    my room is open to you darling ;)


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