Books "teach" a lot

Happy Teachers day !

Why to you ? Oh yes , good question .. We can wish that to parents , teachers , mentors , elders , some dear friedns and most of all to Life. but I feel , every one of us has something to teach to rest of the world. Some inspire to act in a certain way , some teach us NOT to be that way ever !

But this post is to know which books ( NOT "if any book" ) , I repeat ..

Which book is the one that inspired your thoughts the most ? Any book (or books ) that you would force your loved ones to read and learn from them.

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  1. ok lots and lots of books come into mind when I sit back to think what all I have learnt from them.
    They actually made me encounter a part of me, which I never knew exist before I started reading.
    To name a few I guess ... Paulo Coelho's writing is beautiful. He makes sentences of the kind, that stays with me, long after the book is over. Choosing themes that specifically target the dilemmas and confusion that we so commonly face in our lives. His book Veronika Decides to Die, continues to stay in shelf and I look at it cover the recall the journey of Twenty-four-year-old Veronika and sometimes end up comparing it to my life. I want to present this book to someone who can possibly accept the depth of the book in the same manner and can read it with the same heart, as it carriers in itself. The way Paulo links spirituality, divinity, dreams and love in the same web in his books - makes up for a complete psychologically engaging and delightfully en-lighting lesson

  2. If i had my way, I would force you all to read WoT. But since this is regarding which books inspire us the most, i honestly dont have a clue. I love some books because of the writing, some because of the characters, some because there's war and gore, some because it makes u weep.

    But if I had to choose one or two, it would be LoTR and My Sister's Keeper

  3. Not to be sounding preachy , I was really impressed with "Tuesdays with Morrie" . I read that book atleast once a year from last 3 years ,,

    And then , my first lessons in life came from "Little women" . If i could , i would add it to school course books !

  4. I want to borrow "Tuesdays with Morrie" from u asap


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