Monthly Review: July-August

Hellllo Hello Everybody!

July has gone and left us with new responsibilities and experiences to cherish. August is here and I am waiting for certain someone to come down and save my arse again! I tell you running this whole thing ain’t easy! I bow before you FL! Ahem. I am also talking about the New Admins and Deputy Owners/God Mothers and Wing Women! Without you ladies, I have no idea how I would have managed! Yep! With FL taking an infinite break, we have mostly women handling the high chairs! :D No worries boys! You all are still beloved reviewers! I just mean to mention how women can work effectively ;) Ah never mind!

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Soooo, coming to the point – we saw average number of reviews this month as well as last month – which were very good. I would specially like to mention Vivek’s reviews – they are brilliant! Guys, do leave him comments of appreciation! We had reviews from Nightflier, Nimue, Maithili, Swarnali, UCV, FL (I’m reading your reviews! Pinky Swear! ) Pulkit's being missed here as well! (Yes, I know I had blundered here) We have new admin – Swarnali, who is still learning her way around. NikhiI hope you find the book a good read. Arpita – your reviews are awaited! If I have left out anybody, believe me, it's human error. Correct me where ever needed! :D 

Now coming to the list of things we need to know and take up to make our place glittery and gaga!

Mixed Variety Challenge will be back by September 1st, for sure. So those who have been not reviewing, come on guys! Girdle up and exercise your grey cells (This applies to me as well. Sigh.) There is a lot of written matter out there – pick and choose! J

Monthly Giveaways will be back as well, by September 1st! (Yes!!) Now people, the reason that had you hooked to reading to some extent (Greed, Passion, Luck?) is going to be back – so get back on track and start reading!

Behold your breath people, ‘cause coming September, the Giveaways may reach across the globe. Yes. We might go International! See, now you have another reason! Read read read! :D

Also, we have been thinking about starting a new section called Contributors’ Interviews which means you get to choose from the list of Admins and Panelists and their interviews shall be taken. Please give your suggestions as to whether you would like something like this! We all will get to know each other better this way – ‘cause Come on! A lot can happen at A Lot of Pages! :D

We have another wonderful suggestion from Nimue (By the way, she has suffered slip disc and let’s hope she recovers quick quick! Take care Girl!). We want to start a page which is dedicated to Books and Best Friends. Now, we all must have read something somewhere, which might have reminded us of our one friend – whether good or bad. So this page will be more about sharing your experiences while reading a book, how you felt and remembered that one person in your life. Afterall, books are also written through memories.

So, give your views about Contributors’ Interviews and Books and Best Friends!

Finally, we may also have our own Weekly Meme! But FL will talk about it later.

There have been cancellations of memberships for people who have not met the criterion of reviewing two books a month and have not furnished appropriate reasons, even after constant reminders and emails. We don’t want to force you and make reading a task for you – hence, we welcome reasons! Therefore, do write to us, we will listen to you.

Annnnnd, with this we come to an end of our Monthly Review. Ohh, it’s just end of our review, but we have a lot to catch up with! Don’t we? :D

Let’s Rule the World!



  1. okay, this post brought a HUGE smile to my face, MSM. :D it's so cute! love d doggy :-*

    first of all, i hope u feel better soon, nimue. <3

    and i love d idea of contributor interviews AND the books n best friends thing. if everyone agrees to them then do tell us more about how to go ahead with the latter especially. its one of the BEST ideas on ALOP. :D

    and i swear i'll post a review soon, i just haven't been in d mood to read lately. :P i'll be back before u know it :)

    i like d enthusiasm that's creeping back. *really* excited about the coming month! ;)

  2. Dear MSM,
    You rock!
    :) Thanks for the excellent work - keep it up.

    God bless ya,

  3. You have taken up the owner work superbly, picking it up wonderfully from where FL left. Kudos,my lady!! I need to catch up with the admin work soon. And get reading more books. I love both the ideas,thumbs up to both :)

  4. @Arpi: It was meant to do exactly that! :D July usually leaves a lot of blues :P :D I love the doggy too!

    Great, so we have your vote! Let's wait for majority! Aur likho jaldi jaldi reviews! :D I miss reading them!

    @PULKIT: Damn, I did forget to write your name, didn't I? I had it in my head. :| Thank you thank you!! :D

    Bless you too!!

    @Swarnali: Awww, you are always so kind! :D Thank you. You know we are here to help, in case there is any confusion! :) :) Thanks for the vote! :D

  5. so blogspot again ate my comment !!
    irritating !!

    well again i go ..

    first, *beams like a proud god mother* :D

    and then .. ahan ahan .. i see ...

    okai !

    see MSM said it all ..
    so I will just nod and smile and giggle at right time ..

    and oh .. stares at few of you who are missing here ..

    and last .. big hug to my girlies ..
    you rock ladies ..

    and oh , FL is waiting to hear this i know ..

    we miss you dearest one .. but we are happy as it is .. you can holiday as much u want :P

  6. @Nimue: You know you are awesome, right?? :D :D

    And ask FL to get his arse back here asap! He's done with holidaying for gazillion years now! :D :D

    - MSM


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