Hello everyone,

First of all, sorry for the prolonged absence.


Now let's talk about something really interesting.

August is almost over. For everyone of us, August means Independence Day, the most beloved as well as dreaded 'Rakshabandhan' and then there's the one day that Airtel always knows how to promote 'Friendship Day'.

And since I'm blessed with some wonderful friends, this giveaway is for all of you and a few special friends as well. 

First of all, one of our admins, Maithili is the owner of a wonderful all-girls blog called Darlings of Venus [Have you checked that blog yet?] and another of our contributor and my good friend, Ria is the co-creator of a totally fantastic site on tv shows called KouchPotato [go check!] This giveaway is specifically dedicated to members of those sites, to ALOP and ofcourse to anyone who may wish to participate.

What's the reward?

We are offering 2 Flipkart vouchers of INR 400/-
One winner will be chosen among the members of ALOP, DOV and KouchPotato.
The Second winner will be chosen from anyone else who participates.


What you have to do?

1. Follow the blog.
2. Solve the riddles.

Riddle 1: [Hint : woman]

She took me with her to meet her friends
And dumped everything on me
Yet her hand never left me side
And i knew she cared for me deeply
She dresses up according to me
And we make sure we have a good time
But sometimes when I see her staring at others
I know she wouldn't always be mine.
But till that day comes and what may bring
I perch on her shoulders like a falcon
And when she dumped me and moved on
I lived as memories on her photographs alone.

What am I?

Riddle 2: [Hint : TV Show/Character/Celebrity]

The princess in the lonely tower
Thought she knew my name
But when i spoke the words she heard
my voice wasn't the same
I've dated Mandy Moore
And I'm bad with luck
I lead the nerd in the herd
And oh I used to rhyme with 'what the fuck'
I thought Caffrey was my best friend
Until he stole my glasses
Oh and you can find me in your jeans
Sitting above your empty purses.

Who am i?

Riddle 3: [Hint : Book/Genre]

She placed me gently on her cheek
for the world to see...
He left the confines of his home
To unknown adventures with me...
Half his name belongs to me
While i belong in Arthur's
Young Goku always wants my help
as he collected the others
Sometimes they talk to me, sometimes they don't
And sometimes the truth is told
Search for me in places you know not
I reside in FL's world.

What am I?

Riddle 4: [Hint : Random/General]

I can be found in alotofpages
And yet I can be found in you
I can be found in a lot of places
Also with my twin in the zoo
I am one of the five siblings
Without whom you don't make sense
Oh you can find me everywhere
I'm in a poem, I'm in movies
Come find me, will you?
And even if you can't find me, just say
SCOOBY DOO, Where are you?

What am I?

Send us your answers to contestsatalop@gmail.com. DO NOT WRITE YOUR ANSWERS IN THE COMMENTS SECTION. Although I would like to hear what you think about the contest in the comments.

1. Once your answers are submitted, its final.
2. In case there is a tie, a random winner will be selected. The decision lies solely with me.
3. The giveaway ends on 1st September. We must receive your replies before that. Results will be announced here on 2nd Sept 00:00 am.

So what do you think about it?


  1. really FL ??
    phew .. i give up !
    Good luck to every one ..

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. merly's beard!!
    Why can't I figure out the last two!!
    *scratches head*
    I won't give up -
    this is confusing - so random searches on internet was not such a good plan! :P

    keep trying guys - lets see - who wins.

    @FL - Who made these! U? if yes, make a profession out of these damn u! They are so tough :) loved the concept


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