Headhunters - Jo Nesbo


ISBN - 978-1-846-55593-0
PUBLISHER - Random House
PAGES - 265
GENRE - Crime/Thriller
BINDING - Paperback
SOURCE - Publishers

AUTHOR - Jo Nesbo

BEST-SELLERS - The Redbreast, Nemesis

SYNOPSIS - [From the back cover]


Roger Brown has it all. Clever and wealthy, he is the top man in his business, with a beautiful wife and a magnificient house. He also leads a criminal double life.


Enter Clas Greve. Not only is he the perfect candidate for a position with Roger's biggest client, he also owns one of the most sought-after paintings in the world.


Roger sees his chance to become rich beyond his wildest dreams and starts preparing his boldest heist yet. But his plans unravel in ways not even he could have predicted. Now the hunter has become the hunted.

EXCERPT - Drive, I begged. Drive.

The worst thing about being fully conscious was that I could imagine what would happen if he found me soaked in petrol.

Drive. Drive!

FL Speak - This is my first Jo Nesbo novel and boy, he can give a fight to the best of the crime thriller authors. Jo Nesbo is famous for his Harry Hole novels but Headhunters is not one of them.

Roger Brown works in recruitment. He recruits top brass for companies and is a professional liar and a thief. Not just any thief, Roger is an art thief. And he's happily married to a stunning lady, Diana. But when his wife introduces him to Clas Greve, Roger believes he has finally met the best man to recruit. And when Clas reveals that he's come to a own a priceless painting from his grandmother, Roger cannot believe his luck.

What was supposed to be a simple theft turns horribly wrong when he finds his wife's cell phone in Greve's bedroom on the time of robbery. And when is friend is killed the next day with a poison meant for him, Roger knows he's in real trouble. And thus begins a chase that leads to more trouble than allies. With his wife betraying him and Clas hot on his heels, Roger has nowhere to go.

And when Roger decides to take control of his fate, the resultant endgame goes for a toss. Not everything is what as it seems. And then it really goes out of control. You're in for a huge surprise in the end. Something that I didn't even think of.

Perfect, fast paced thriller that you'd expect from Jo Nesbo and he doesn't disappoint. Jo Nesbo is one of those rare  writers who knows what they are writing about and what the readers expect from a book. Never for a moment was I disappointed. Headhunters held me mesmerized till i finished the last page and finally let my breathe out. Highly RECOMMENDED.

This book is made into a movie and was released on February 2012!!

My Rating - 4 stars

INR 310/-

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