Happppiiieee Birthday FL !!!

It might have begun like this .. trying his dad's glasses , FL tried to read some words which danced in front of him ( not to mention the book was held upside down ;) )

And before we could know , FL could be termed this :

And thanks to this sweet creature , we have this wonderful place to come and wish we could read all the books that we see here [ yeah , keep wishing . Only he can make it possible :P ]

And to this creature , we wish a beary beary happy happy hugs and wishes for a great B'day celebrations !

Go get drunk boy !!

Love you :*

And oh , cheers !



  1. Thank you sooo much nimue. Mwaah

  2. A very happie happie wala birthday to u FL :D :D

  3. Happpppy Birthdayyyyy FL! :D :D Come back soon! A lot of treats are due! :D

    @Nimue: No one else could have done it better! :D

  4. Happy birthday FL :D :D
    And I wanted to write your birthday post lekin as usual I was late :P

    Nimue this was so so so sweet :)

    HAve a great day FL :D :D And I m going to review today :D

  5. wish u a verrrrry happy birthday FL!! :D thank u so much for having us here, we all love you! :) and i can TOTALLY imagine u like that! :D great post nimue, this is fantastic ;)

  6. Wish you a fabulous birthday, FL! Keep rocking!

  7. :D Happy bday brother. Have a good one

  8. belated birthday wishes FL! hope you had a great time :)


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