If It's Not Forever! It's not love - Durjoy Datta And Nikita Singh

Nikita Singh
Nikita Singh was born in the city of Patna and was brought up in Indore, in Madhya Pradesh. She is pursuing her Bachelor's degree in Pharmacy and writing is a hobby of hers that has accidentally bloomed. Nikita constantly interacts with her fans to get their feedback regarding her work.
Bestsellers by Nikita Singh are:
Love @ Facebook, Accidentally in Love
Durjoy Datta
Durjoy Datta is the author of five bestsellers. All his books have sold more than a million copies over the last three years and he was the third highest bestselling author in India in the year 2011. He is considered to be one of the youngest and prolific writers in India. He is an alumnus of DCE and is presently studying management at MDI, Gurgaon.
Ohh Yes, I am Single. And So is My Girlfriend!, Of Course I Love You, Till I Find Someone Else, She Broke Up, I didn't. You Were My Crush!, Now That You're Rich! Are other bestsellers under his name

SYNOPSIS If It's Not Forever. It's Not Love. is a gripping tale of Deb, Shrey and Avantika's mission to put together pieces of a diary written by a man who lost his life in the Delhi blasts. What continues is a series of adventures that leads them into a path of self-discovery and realization.

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This is the sixth book by the Durjoy, and has all the elements that one can expect from a Durjoy Datta novel. Those who do read him (I guess they are millions judging by the number of them being sold) know precisely what I am talking when I say ‘his stuff of writing’.
In all such books there is a scope to point out specific mistakes and fallacies but I will try to judge this one solely on the basis of the outer idea.

It is the story of Deb, a writer cum publisher, whose life takes a dramatic turn when he miraculously escapes a powerful blast in New Delhi. He escapes unhurt, but he is emotionally weakened. He finds himself facing internal fears that he never knew existed in his persona. (Now since it’s a Durjoy Datta book – his world is of the kind – that when the guy is sleepless and his girl is concerned about him not finding enough sleep, she is considerate enough to tire him in bed in an effort to make him sleep somehow so that he does not end up spending the sleepless night thinking about the blast – ah! The fantasy world).  He realizes that life is too short, and one should not shy away from confessing his/her true feelings. Still scarred and haunted by the tragic incident, he visits the blast site and finds a half-burnt diary – a diary written by someone, with initials RD, who, possibly, died in the blast. The major plot of the story starts from here. 

Deb takes up the responsibility and a journey, to convey the ‘final’ words of RD to his true love, Ragini.  Avantika - Deb’s true love, Shrey – Deb’s best friend, and Tiya – Shrey’s girl friend join him on this journey to unravel the unsolved and unspoken love story, closely finding the meaning from that story in learning lessons in their own life. Side by side there is a story involving Deb and Avantika and the challenges that they are facing as their relationship age – the fears that even a confident girl like Avantika can end up thinking, watching herself change into a women from a girl and the role that a boyfriend like Deb can play to redefine compatibility and love (read sex).
The highlight is this book – Is the simplicity of that diary script. It is amateurish and that’s what makes it closer to the reality that we know.  It scores on the dimension of the innocence and straightforwardness involved in Ritam’s narration of the Ragani era.
Negative, which I felt, is too much reference about sex, in the first half of the book (when the present time of Durjoy and Shrey is being talked about). It, momentarily, diverts the reader. This part puts the book on a downslide because of genuine lack of humor and sometimes it appear as a horny narration of a boy telling how many times he and his friend ends up making out with their girls in the day. The character of Shrey unlike his first book (OILY) – lacks the element of surprise about him (though the effort has been made to do so – but words and substance have been disappointing in this regard)
The Idea and the central theme – of the entire diary story chase are relatively new and interesting and it has material idea to make it to a major flick adaptation. There are good moments about this one – enough that you can give it a try and the end lesson – good enough that you can gift this one to a teenage girl or guy that you know (girls of any age – would love this one – unless they are intellectual enough to deny that they don’t believe in love of the kind written in the book – which obviously would be a lie)

Rating – 3/ 5  

For teens, for those in long term relationship, for those rediscovering life in regards to love, for girls hoping to have a boy friend like Deb, for people who are yet to discover erotic text written in love making scenes of Sidney Sheldon, for those who likes to believe that there is love (the hopeless romantic junta), for those who are looking for a cheap but memorable gift for their emotional girlfriends.


  1. OMG!!! welcome back! :D u have no idea how thrilled i am. ^_^

    this sounds like an interesting read; the diary part makes me curious and i guess i'd enjoy this book even though the title sounds cheesy. (go ahead, say i'm lying...but seriously, even if it IS forever, it need not be love, right?)

  2. First - In the title of the post - It should be Nikita SINGH. Not ANAND. Also, the name is Durjoy DATTA, not DUTTA. I didn't read further, judging by the title, I could tell how well informed you are.

  3. @Chhavi _ Sincere apologies for the error in the title. Thank You for pointing it out to us. We assure you the mistake was unintentional. It has been corrected and such mistakes will not be repeated. Thanks again.

  4. @chavi - apologize for the mistake.
    Glad that swarnali got it corrected in the header.
    But just below the picture - right at the start of the article, author names were correctly mentioned. U got offended real quick

  5. its really amazing how u can Read both shantaram and such books Pulkit .. I get bored as soon as the predictibility or the sex scene comes in picture :|

  6. @nimue - just depends on the mood and time :) I have with me.


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