You & Me & Our Relationship - Nikhil Mukhija


ISBN - 9788183520256
PAGES - 215
GENRE - Non Fiction/Self Help
BINDING - Paperback

SYNOPSIS - [From the back cover]

This book is meant for

* those dreaming of igniting the spark of love in the Girl or Guy of their dreams;
* those ‘turtle-ing’ (progressing but slow) around their relationship;
* those who are confused whether it's the right move, right pace or the right way to proceed; and
* those who are missing the charm in their relationship.

Offering an insight into Love, Crush, and Infatuation and with psychology assisting you. This book gives you an insight into how a person perceives love and what causes attraction between a girl and a guy. Love is a very delicate feeling and even a slight mistake can lead to misinterpretation and misunderstandings.

So it is better to read this book and be forearmed with the arsenal to shoot down any adversity that comes the way of your love life. In the era where packing matters more than the substance itself. It is neither a Fictional Story nor a Hypothesis. It is a theory that will rewrite the script of your love life forever.

“Enough of ‘be yourself’ cliché, now its time to be, what ‘they’ want you to be what ‘they’ want you to be.”

FL Speak - First of all, if you're expecting a Bollywood potboiler, I am sorry to disappoint you that this isn't one. This isn't your typical novel that you go to bed with before sleeping. This is more of a guide, a self help book that you'd definitely need. If I had to place this book on my shelf, I'd probably keep it near the Bro Code by Barney Stintson.

Coming back to the book, its definitely something that every guy should read. The girls might acknowledge everything about this book, whereas the guys might not. I remember myself nodding to some of the chapters while vehemently shaking my head in dismay at some others. As I said before, you do not have to accept everything that is written by the author, because its a general study. You, my friend, may vary from the standard.

I can almost see some of the guys thinking aloud that they don't need the book since they already have a girlfriend and everything is doing well. Well, as the author said, this is for the guys who are missing something, a spark, a girl, the confidence. I doubt Nikhil would've written this book if his first love made sense. No offense to the author, but he made it clear he wrote this book after his numerous experiences.

The best thing about this book is that you do not have to start from page 1. You can just pick up and chapter at random and just go on from there. Some of those chapters are definite gems. Also, you do not need to read it at one go and the best thing is you can always come back to the book as a reference. Its written in simple English so you do not have to over exert yourself and the few instances and examples that are provided hit true to the mark.

I hardly read new Indian authors because of the same plot they twist over and over. But I was in for a surprise when I read this one. This book was a pleasant change from the norm. Very few spelling mistakes and you can solely blame it on the publishers for not proof reading it. However, the one thing that always disappoints me with Indian authors is the use of Indianized English. To be honest, Nikhil has done wonderfully well and I've found just a few of those. Here are 2 instances that I felt I should point out so that other authors and Nikhil himself do not repeat with their other books.

Chapter 5: Nowadays it's a very common phenomenon to see guys (especially hostel guys) avoid bathing for days as they find it bothersome and also means less of clothes to wash. This also means is a typical example of Indianized English that people should avoid. Another example is from the same chapter. Are your shoes made of leather, sports, white or black, canvass or meant for jogging alone? Although we completely understand what the author is trying to explain but if you read it again you realize white or black is color and not the "material" that the author is talking about. The same goes for the word sports. But even then we acknowledge the subject because we understand the thought the author wants to express.

Other than that, its a fantastic book. Something you should definitely buy and own. Nikhil Mukhija has written a book that will be your companion for years to come. This book deserves to be a collectible.

My Rating - 4 stars

PRICE - INR 125/-


  1. Great review FL. Those Indianized versions sound so weird and the contemporary Indian novels are full of them. Take this example- "I was saying that only!!" Why that "only"?? But the book sounds good :)

  2. okay, i have to admit this is one of ur rare reviews that i have read word for word! :D *no offence to fantasy* this was such a delightful review that i was smiling the whole time reading it. i can almost imagine ur expression while reading d book. ;)

    i think i will thoroughly enjoy reading this. and yeah, swarnali is right- THAT ONLY is d expression i hate most!!! :D :D

  3. Okay... So i've decided to order this one... :-)

  4. @Freelancer,

    I shall abstain from commenting on the book, for I have not read it. But I genuinely appreciate, and am glad you pointed out a major problem with popular Indian English materials. It happens because, thinking, the process, is composed basically of two things— language and imagery. And the writers in question do not think using English, they think using their mother languages and later, at the time of writing, literally translate them into English, without being inclined to heed to correctness of syntaxes. So you know what happens— the syntaxes remain the same as their mother language even though the language used is English now. It is really pathetic to see though. These writers need to know that correct syntax is as important as correct grammar. They do not practice English, and are not even aware of correct syntaxes.


    "I was saying that only." is a colloquial form of "I was saying exactly that." It is not an Indianized version. Save for the Britons, now everybody uses "I was saying that only." As a result, it is considered standard English now.

  5. @FL - :) U surprise me with this one!!

  6. @FL: Yeh kya hua?? :D :D Loved the review totally, especially about Chapter 5 :D :D I'm pleasantly surprised. :D Oh and yes, the writers these days, uff. :D

    Loved it!


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