Skid Marks of Logic - Divya Diana Dias

AUTHOR: Divya Diana Dias
Genre: Romance / Fiction
ISBN-13: 9789381576670
PRICE: Rs.175 (I received the copy from the author for review) 

BACK COVER SAYS: Some people stop themselves from doing what they want because of what their friends would think about them. Some people are too afraid to accept what is right in front of them. Some people regret their silly reasons, wondering why they did not succumb to their desires at the time. Payal, Danielle and Janvi are some people. But now they want to change. They want to shatter the chains that society has bound them with and win the war that rages within them, once and for all. Will they succeed? 'Skid Marks of Logic' reveals

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Crazy; complex and mostly misunderstood; Divya has gone from completing B. Pharm at UDCT to copywriting at JWT; Mumbai. She read her first romance when she was eleven and started creating her own heroes soon after. Skid Marks of Logic happened when she realized she was restricting herself too much. She advocates not taking reputations too seriously; and hopes you will fall in love with the characters of this book just as she has

SWARNALI SPEAKS: The book is divided into three parts, three novellas - Ostrich, Friends with Benefits  and Mergers And Acquisitions.  Each part describes the escapades of the respective three heroines, Payal, Danielle and Janvi.

First thing, I love the narration. Divya had me hooked to the book from the very first paragraph. The symbolic use of the ostrich is exceptional. The author nailed it when she describes the Indian scenario regarding the subject of sex. We are indeed like the ostrich, we love hiding our faces when we want to escape a situation. We happily shove the subject under the rug and maintain a constant complacency. The author doesn't attempt to change our thoughts regarding the subject but she brings out three hypothetical situations where three women, modern as we can call them, come out of the constraints and search for an alternate path.

Ostrich is about Payal, popularly known as the "timid mouse" amongst her friends. But does she stick to that definition?  What happens when the mouse isn't timid anymore? Read more to know how Payal dupes the hunk Xerxus into kissing her. The constant hide and seek game that she plays until she gets the guy she wants, Payal has carefully planned her entire game plan.

Friends with Benefits.  Very clichéd, right? Does it remind you of the numerous movies with the same concept? Think of all of them. Done? Good. Now read the story and be surprised :D  Despite the extremely clichéd name and concept, Divya successfully pulls a convincing plot. The descriptions provide titillations true but the author knows really well when to gather the strings. Danielle’s escapade is probably every romantic’s dream date. Read it to know more.

Mergers And Acquisitions is another very known concept, an affair between the employee and the boss. But is it so easy for the fair and handsome Rhys Callahan to get Janvi just because she is his employee?

Summing up, the characters in the books are very convincing, be it the lead women or the men in their lives. The author has carefully created each character into life like people. Their lives are as real as it can be. The plots aren’t exceptional, but they are worth reading. The symbols and images used in the books is what I absolutely loved. The author’s sense of humour and witty dialogues keeps the reader glued to the book till the end. A very entertaining read.

RATING: 3.5 / 5

P.S. – I loved the acknowledgement page.


  1. Seems like a fascinating read. The cover looks bright and attractive :D

    I loved the review. I would like to pick this one up. :)

  2. I think you'll like this. :D Do give it a try. And thanks a bunch :D


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