Happy Birthday ALOP

For a website that started as a dream by naive book lovers, today, ALOP has completed its first anniversary. A year since its humble birth and I'm proud to say that it has been exciting as hell. When I first started this blog, I roped in fellow friends Pulkit, Nimue and Maithili. We four started this venture together and a year later, this baby of ours is growing up fast!

And then came MSM and Arpita. And with them, the floodgates opened to the public. From a small book review blog, ALOP has made huge but firm steps in the world of reviewing books. There is a lot to learn and there is a lot to achieve, but the past last year has given me the faith that we WILL GROW BIGGER and BETTER.

So, one year down the line, we have some awesome contributors like UCV, Nightflier, Vivek, Swarnali and a few newcomers as well who are settling down. We have had some wonderful review requests from authors both Indian and worldwide. We've already interviewed two fabulous authors and by the looks of it, we have quite a queue at the moment.

Now let's talk about some changes.
As you've probably noticed, there was no MoM for this month. And this will remain so, unless someone other than me or Vivek comes up with more than 5 reviews a month. Why? Because its simply painful to pay for books when the contributor reviews only 2-3 books and is the number 1 contributor of the month.
Giveaways go an a break as well. Until August atleast. Sad much? Sorry, its been a tight couple of months. And we're probably the only blog that gives away free books from our own pockets every month

This may be a surprise for some of you, but I've decided to step down from whatever post I was holding at ALOP. Why? Because I'm burnt out. Now before you get outraged, let me say that I'll continue be with ALOP. I am simply not the face of ALOP anymore. Ofcourse I'll still be reading and reviewing books and occassionally take interviews.
I've been grooming MSM for this position for a month now and I believe she is ready. Arpita is one of the best finds and fastest learners and with Nimue being the blog's Godmother, ALOP is in safe hands.

That reminds me, there are outstanding dues to Nimue, Arpita and Aishwarya. I'm doing my best to clear them. Just need a little more time.
Swarnali is to be made an Admin. That is one of my last decisions before stepping down. Other admins, please do the needful and make her feel welcome. Even though Pulkit is not here with us today, he is and will still remain an Admin till the day he returns and takes up his post.
I'd also like to remind all the admins that there is a code we adher to at ALOP. Our motto says "you want it, we read it". Be true to it always.
I've so much to say but I don't know how and if I did, I wouldn't know how to stop. ALOP is family to all of us. There is a reason why we're better than every other site. Find the reason yourselves. ALOP has been my baby and I'll always love it and you guys.


Its FL signing off...
P.S| Don't let the blog fade away in my absence.

( This is Nimue posting it and i swear i wanted to remove the last part . but I will handle that later )


  1. Happy Birthday ALOP!!! Cheers to the wonderful year that we completed. :D
    And thank you so much guys, that admin surprise was totally unexpected. Am honored.

  2. Happy birthday to my baby blog :) :) Its been a wonderful initiative and I m so happy to see ALOP reach such heights.
    I have been dying to review something but haven't read a novel in days!! :P
    I really hope next month will be better for me and I will return to ALOP not only to review but also to work as the admin- I have been the worst admin but I will make sure I correct that :D

  3. happy birthday, ALOP! :D we sure have come a long way. and saying that it has been a delight would be an understatement.

    congrats swarnali, on being made admin! ur going to be a gr8 help! :)

    maithili, u've reviewed some of d best novels n i am eager to have u back soon. (*ahem* i know i need to post a review myself..before FL kills me.)

    nimue, the godmother..oh god i luv that line. :D :-*

    yes, i am hoping that all of us, MSM, UCV, Nikhi Koustabh, Nightflier, Vivek and all the other awesome members would be able to contribute to ALOP even more and make it bigger and better.

    thanks for d wonderful words of praise and encouragement, FL. :) i know u wouldn't step down from ur post unless u had to, and thank god ur at least going to be around. i hope pulkit bhaiya will join us again as soon as it's possible.

    as for those who have not been as regular due to personal reasons of one kind or the other, i do hope u're all going to make ur presence felt by at least commenting on our reviews n d shoutbox. sudeshna, chandana, peevee, hemu, anushree, riya and those i hvnt been able to name- we miss u!

    i also hope r readers would interact with us as usual. ALOP is as much about u as it is about us.

    (if ur still reading this) lots of love to everyone out there. :P

  4. see this is y i love u so much Arpi ;)
    tum jaldiii milo !

  5. hahahaha..we r definitely meeting real soon! :D i love u too. ;)

  6. Happy Dappy Peppy Birthday ALOP (and thus all the members and readers too)!! We are a year old now, and better than that we have covered books and genres throughout ages (so literally we are about...um... 50 years at least). :P

    On the other hand, CONGRATS Swarnali and hope this promotion will make u feel brave (u know what im saying) ;), and also to Arpita, MSM and mother Nimue (Please accept my humble obeisance)!!

    Now the serious part. ALOP is FL's "baby", and thus it is up to us all to make him proud. Also it is for us to know that ALOP is about bloggers, thus the admins are bloggers first and managers later (Now please don't take that as sign of negative revolt)!! :P So Don't fear the admins, but heed their call. Its time our reviews gets heard all over the net (that is my dream) and when someone searches for a book review our must feature in it!! :D

    I, personally am very sorry for being such a slow reviewer, but I'm more of choosy guy, concentrating lots of time in just simply choosing & understanding a text (or maybe I'm just plain lazy). I hope u guys and gals out there wouldn't mind that.

    And now after all this blabbering, Happy Birthday again ALOP. And guys and gals "Keep Reading"!!

  7. I am moved to tears with this. Happy Birthday ALOP...

    Nimue, Arpi, Vivek, Nightflier, UCV, Pulkit, Swarnali, Maiths... I need all of your help to make through...

    FL: *Hugs*

  8. My dear friend,
    This was very well written. Filled with deep emotions and love. Thanks for sharing.

  9. godmother :O ??

    hahahah !!
    I already feel so important :P

    FL .. you are gonna get a good one from me !

  10. An emotional venture this is. FL - Thanks for all the support, guidance, enthusiasm, inspiration and energy - U have been the driving force.
    Ur a special individual with the gift of being the person u are.

    Thanks everyone who has been a part of this page - It had been honest. sincere. selfless. unbiased and concentrated effort from the entire team to stuck together to the ultimate goal of reading and reviewing - almost everything that is out there to be read.

    Wishes and Regards always,

  11. happy birthday ALOP! :)
    feels great to be part of this journey.

    And congratulations to the new admins! Hope to hear/read more from you FL.

  12. happy b day alop...

    ps-offended that no one has acknowledged the contributions of the few lesser celebrated reviewers to alop.....!!!!lol...

  13. oye, nikhi, i did mention u! :P (i knew it...no one read d whole of my comment.) everyone who has posted a review is special to us. :D

  14. Congrats! Also feeling very bad that freelancer is no longer admin. :-( No offence meant to anyone, but yeah feeling sad.

    Cheers for Arpita for being the new admin!

    Also need to post a lot of reviews. A lot of backlog. :-)

    Happy Birthday ALOP!

  15. hey vivek, don't worry, FL isn't going anywhere whether he likes it or not. :P he is just very busy right now and needs us to cover for him till he's back in action.:D

    also, i got made admin before- swarnali is d newest admin! :)

  16. many many happy returns of the day to ALOP.. happy birthday

    it reminded me when i started to blog, I had a thought in my mind this will last for a week or a month how much can i write but by grace of god its almost 3 years to mine

    and all the best to the Team members and congratulation to all for the one year complete
    all the best


  17. thank u so much for ur kind words bikramjit; it's people like u who make all the effort worthwhile. :)

    thanks a lot for the encouragement & many congratulations to u too for the success of ur blog- 3 yrs is a long time!

    best wishes from everyone here @ ALOP

  18. also, special thanks to 1904 blogger and andy david for leaving their comments! :)

  19. Congratulations on your first year anniversary! :)

  20. sorry arpita..read yur comment only now...

  21. really felt sad when i read the post..not coz neither me or some others were nt mentioned in the post,but the post gave a feeling that no one except the mods were intersted in posting reviews every week or so..the thing is most f the revieweres f alop are professionals and we can only post our reviews when we get enough time to do so..so it might not happen every week..may be twice in a month or so..no one can review a book without reading them,right?for that same reason i have great respect for fl/vivek et al..i dont think anyone can beat vivek's pace in reading..vivek,dude you are a reading machine...!congrats

  22. thanks karishma! :) it's okay nikhi :) i understand how u feel n trust me, it matters more that u take an interest in books and review them at least twice a month. vivek n FL's reading speed is breath-taking but ur reviews r also special- they r amusing and fun to read!

    and most people on ALOP are NOT professional bloggers- i'm not! :D

  23. and the member of the month challenge is basically meant to encourage a competitive spirit; it adds fun and excitement. but otherwise, the least number of reviews expected per month r just two :)


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