Mini Book Review:The Goat,the sofa and Mr Swami

Author:  R Chandrasekhar
First published in 2010
Price:INR 250
Published by: Hachette India
Source:Personal Copy

                           I had read a couple of short stories by the author which prompted me to buy his first novel.This 290 pages book published by hachette india,turned out to be a genuinely funny one.
                           The Goat,the sofa and Mr Swami is the most hilarious book that I have read in recent times.It is the kind of book which you can read in one sitting.Though the book has got shades of 'Ji Mantriji',R chandrasekhar's work is mostly an original one.The book is a satirical take on the present day Indian coalition politics and is un doubtedly one of the best desi satires to have come out till date.
                           The Pakisthani PM,Shah decides to invite himself to a cricket series to be played in India.India's elderly PM,Motwani who is more into steamy item numbers has no time for matters as insignificant as the Paki Premiere's visit.So it is the turn of Mr Swami,a tamil Iyengar by birth and the secretary to the 'Old Man'(Motwani) by destiny to take care of the diplomatic hullabaloo that ensues.
The Final Verdict: I am giving five on five for this brilliant satire.A Must Read!

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