Love Cocktail by Upendra Sahani

Life is complicated and throws dozens of questions that don't necessarily have answers. There are dozens of paths that people can take, but no navigators to show them the right one. This is what the protagonists, Razik, Rohan, Rahul, and Raj, discover through the course of this book.

They face the quintessential clash between friendship, love, and career.

Things get even murkier when friends start betraying each other and love-lives don’t move ahead exactly as planned. When love starts being dictated by money and everything else fall apart, these four friends team up together to set everything right.

The book opens in a interesting way , where you meet the friends - R4 gang ! and immediately you are drawn into their lives, their ideologies, dreams and hopes. If one is governed by love for a girl , one is ruled by hatred for girls. One is dedicated to a girh he hasn't met after school while politics is all our central character and narrator is passionate about. Love, Money, Cricket and Politics - things that we Indian love to adore and talk about .. All this and more is in this book. Once you begin reading , you want to finish it soon to know what happen next. It touches you at times if you can draw parallel at even one event / incident from your college times. The frustrations , comments  and attitudes are so damn nostalgic. The story sure gets a lot of credit for keeping the interest levels intact even with few dips. But I do have some issues with the writing. The book needs a little editing. Some of the lines can be get rid of. They added a block to my reading flow but it might just be my  understanding. Also some of the events in the book could be cut short. Again the feeking that the debate , some fights were rather long. A book must leave few things for the reader's own interpretation. And last .. I wish the end was a little different . No politics , no cricket , no love ( sort of ) in the end !

It seems , Life took over everything for the four guys like with most of us.

Rating: 3/5

ISBN:  9381511886
ISBN-13:  9789381511886, 978-9381511886
Binding:  Paperback
Publisher:  Readworthy
Number of Pages:  248
Price : 149/-

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