A brief history of time by Stephen Hawking

A brief history of time

ISBN: 0553176986 
Number of pages: 210
First published: 1988

From the time of the ancient Greeks through the present time, this historical overview of cosmology is told by one of the most famous and fascinating scientists today. - from goodreads

nightflier speaks:
Who isn't fascinated by other worlds, other beings, the universe and what lies beyond it ? I think that is why humans often venture into the realms of fantasy and construct entire worlds (westeros, hogwarts) from scratch. Of course depending on our imagination we bring what we got to the party. But what if a physicist joined you to this party ? With all his life's work clubbed in 200 pages ? You will get a brief history of time. And what a fascinating history it is!

Stephen Hawking's book from page one holds your hand and takes you to a journey, to unknown stars, very widely known galaxies, to the sun and black holes. It is one journey which you wish would never end. And your background doesn't matter. Everyone who is remotely interested in existence on this planet is invited. On the way he also meditates about god, philosophy, life. You feel awestruck, most of the time.  (well it may be my ignorance, but then awe is awe).

To the core a true theoretical physicist, despite his illness and disabilities, Mr. Hawking along with his work, brings you names and works of the people who contributed in our understanding of the universe as we know it. He discusses the big bang, origins of our planet, the expansion and contraction of the universe, possible futures of the universe, event horizons, black holes, singularities, time travel (and its possibilities) and many more astounding phenomena which normally skip the textbooks and are only heard/seen in science fiction movies. 

Despite the terms and the physics involved, Mr. Hawking has kept the language pretty simple.  The only requirement while reading this book is curiosity. And yes a remote interest in the cosmos. 

It is the most fascinating and awesome non-fiction and fantasy book I have read till date.

Rating: 5/5
Price: Rs. 245 [flipkart]


  1. Good review.
    I like this book very much for this is arguably the finest scientific book ever written that even a layman can read and grasp with just curiosity and concentration. You may read "The Grand Design" next.

    But why did you call it a fantasy book is beyond my understanding. I am aware of the fact that the word "fantasy" is burdened with many connotations. But none of them has anything to do with a popular-science (that's the actual genre which this book falls under) book.

  2. Hawking himself admits (in the book) that if any of the singularities he mentioned (related to space time) exist, then our entire understanding of the universe is '#fail' :D And I would like to believe that. That we don't understand the universe we are in totally :)

  3. Yes, I admit..u need curiosity for this. I picked up this book ages ago..couldn't make heads or tails out of it. After a couple of years, read it again. Was simply floored by Dr. Hawkings.

    Nice review girl.


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