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Hello all,

March has ended. After a brilliant February, March has been at times mediocre. But only in terms of attendance. We had quite a lot of controversies and some spell binding reviews.

First of all, the Member of the Month thingy.

This prize goes to Nimue for reviewing 3 books. Congrats girl.

In other news, a lot of us has been absent. March has always been a busy month for people, so I understand.

Pulkit has decided to hang up his boots. Goodness knows why. I received a mail from him saying that he'll be gone until further notice. Personal issues, I hope. Though I sincerely want him here.

Some of the new people do not even bother to adhere with the rules of 2 posts a month. And some people who joined ages ago, conveniently forgot that they do have some responsibilities towards this blog. Basically, am tired of reminding everyone.

No more theatrics from me. Giveaway will commence on 3rd April.

Nimue and Arpita need to hold the fort from now. Don't know when MSM and Maithili will be back. And I want you guys to find two admin positions to fill up the spaces left by Pulkit and me. I'm leaving ALOP until further notice. No, this is not a April Fool's Day prank. The stress of maintaining this blog, organising giveaways, talking to authors, worrying about attendance, organising interviews, choosing which request to fulfil, maintaining blog pages, gathering readers, avoiding controversies has taken a huge toll on me! And I'm almost on the verge of giving up this place. I've done everything, and I mean everything humanely possible these last 9 months. I need an extended break.

So please, Arpita and Nimue, please take care of this blog. Please.

I welcome icyhighs to this wonderful place. I request Riya and Malavika and Anushree to come out from wherever you are. I request Hemish, Koustabh, Swarnali, Aishwarya and Nikhi to carry on the reviewing. I request Chandana, Urmi, Nightflier to carry on the same good work as they have been doing all this time. I request Maithili and MSM to give this place a chance. I request Pulkit, Arpita and Nimue to be my shoulders when I'm down.

And lastly, I request you to read the reviews by others and drop a comment atleast.

Admins, no more accepting author requests until we have fulfiled the pending ones. If you need to contact me, you know where to find me.

Lets kick this back to top gear.


  1. Congratulations, Nimue! You are the same one who reviewed some Marquez novels, right? Great.

    *Sad, now I can't post a comment being anonymous!*

  2. You sure deserve a break, FL, but don't be too long. Cheers!

  3. April is my month FL! I promise to back up Nimue and Arpita. I'll be strong! YOU take the deserved break. Keep in touch!

  4. congrats sorry to say i can only do reviews after 17th.sem exam will finish on 17th.:(

  5. congrats,nimue! :)

    MSM & maithili, glad to know ur goin to be around!

    @aish: that's fine but do keep commenting n posting in d shoutbox so tht we're all in touch :)

    FL, ur not goin anywhere. break, or no break, ur expected to post comments frequently & we HAVE to keep hearin from u. ur d one who brings a smile on our faces n it just wnt b the same if ur disappear for however short or long a time.

  6. Hello people .. All those going away , better be prepared .. am back in mood to call u lot and scream my heart out .. [ i was kinda busy with personal matters and laptop issues to read any email or blog in last 2 weeks ]

    So yeah , Pulkit and FL .. u get ready ...

    @Arpita , MSM will buzz u ladies soon :)

    And now , review time .. 2 reviews are to be types .. wish me luck :D

  7. @RKP : thanks ! yep i did review one of his story collection :)

    @UCV , MSM , Aishwarya : Hello ladies ! reading well ?

    @Aishwarya : Did u get the book as part of the March give away ? I am sorry there was a delay this time 'cause of some issues on the site side !

  8. Thanks for the welcome, and looks like I've sauntered in at a controversial time!

    Walk-outs, missing members, stress and betrayal - you really couldn't ask for more from a literary forum. I'm already excited.


  9. @Aishwarya .. ouch ! will call up the concerned people again or send something myself to u soon.

    I asked coz Arpita got her book ,, sigh ! Will check ,, thanks for the patience ,,


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