April '12 Giveaway


Apart from all the reviews we come up with and the impossible amount of fun we have, there is one more reason to come back to A Lot of Pages.

Yes, its the GIVEAWAYS every month that we come up with.

You know the drill. All you have to do is complete the tasks and leave proof where required. It sounds simple enough. It actually is. And in return, we ask you to keep coming back to us.

Please note that we double check every entry. So please complete the tasks and keep your fingers crossed. There will be only one winner and he/she will get to choose 1 book from the lot. THIS GIVEAWAY IS OPEN TO THE SUBCONTINENT OF INDIA ONLY.

Here you gooooooooooooooo

Delirium - Lauren Oliver
Meltdown - Martin Baker
The Eye of the World - Robert Jordan
The Promised Land - David Hewson
In Too Deep - Amanda Grace
The Sins of the Father - Jeffrey Archer
The Catcher in the Rye - J.D. Salinger
The Name of the Wind - Patrick Rothfuss
Kafka on the Shore - Haruki Murakami

Have fun. Take part. Share and spread the word.

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  1. Saw it on Facebook.

  2. when i visited a lot of pages.
    but excellent books are enlisted here. i wish i could win:P

  3. heard about the giveaway on the site itself! being a contributor :)

  4. On the blog :D And the Jeffery book makes me greedy :D

  5. heard about this giveaway on facebook, shared by maithili

  6. Saw it on Facebook, shared by Priyanka Dey.

  7. Follow this blog. Saw it in my dashboard :D

  8. Heard it from the Admin :P
    oops i am one too .. so yeah .. knew it already :D

    Not taking part. Am not reading much so no use amassing books..

    Good luck to all : )

    @aishwarya : There was a system error at the site. A lot of orders were lost. your last month book will be sent soon.

  9. @nimue: i was eagerly waiting to read... but now no time:(
    thanks for the concern dear

  10. i hav redeemed points for d book,game of thorns too ..

  11. Damn I never win these things but I'd probably resort to crime to get a copy of Kafka On The Shore. Still can't believe I haven't read it.

  12. I'm entering. I found out here on this site.

  13. @aish

    yes, i was notified :) you will get that too.. lucky you

  14. Well being a part of ALOP blog, I found the giveaway here thus!!

  15. I WON :O

    omg omg iomg I won...

    eeeeeeeeeks thank you so MUCH ALOP ...

    Ooh I so wish to read Kafka On The Shore :)


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