Monthly Review

Hello all...

What a month this has been...Oh my friggin' GOD!! {Sorry Lord, if you were here, you you'd have swore too}

Out of the 59 posts for the month which has the least number of days, we had 56 reviews {the rest 3 were admin notices}

The MoM thingy was a bad bad thing :P

Its once again ARPITA with a boggling 13 reviews, followed by Swarnali (12) and FL (10). I was so busy trying to put Arpita out of the equation that I never realized Swarnali was swooping in almost snatching the prize away.

And as you all know, the one who wins the MoM for 3 consecutive months gets 3 books of their choice every month for the next 3 months. *gulp*

Congrats Arpita.

Thank you everyone this month. A very, very heartful thank you for everyone since most of you have reviewed more than your quota. You've no idea how proud I'm to have you here.

Thank you Nightflier, Nimue, Aishwarya, Pulkit, PeeVee and everyone else.

That being said, I'm excusing myself from the next 2 MoM's again until someone wins 2 in a row. 'Coz there is no way in hell am going to make things a breeze for you. This increases the excitement and the challenge.

Now that the MoM fever is over, I strongly request you to go back and read all the reviews and drop a comment to appreciate the work the contributors have done. Because, any review we do, is for you.

Also, NIMUE and ARPITA (yet again) are now proud members of the Purple card holder. You won't be receiving the purple cards as you both are admins [blue is mandatory for admins], but you WILL definitely receive the privileges. You guys join me in that league, even though I don't have the privileges for myself :P

Since you both crossed the required review count and the time spent in this place, you'll be receiving 2 flipkart vouchers of INR 1200/- every 3 months for any purchase at or purchases worth INR 1200 from The Book Depository. Your first voucher will reach your mailbox anytime between March 1 to May 31.

Remember, you will have to proceed to the next class within 10 months of being a Fresher. If you fail to do so, you will still be a Fresher but will stop receiving the gift coupon after the 6th month.

Now your monthly quota of 2 reviews gets scrapped. Instead you have to review a minimum of 80 reviews in 10 months. Your total reviews since your date of joining should be 120+ and you must have spent 18 months at ALOP to reach the next stage.

Also note, anyone who hasn't received their starter membership cards yet, please drop a mail at I WANT EVERYONE TO DISPLAY THEIR BADGES ON THEIR BLOGS OR ANYWHERE THEY CAN!

Also, the starting of a new month heralds the coming of a giveaway. This month on the occasion of Women's Day celebrated worldwide on March 8, the books we feature on our giveaway will be by women authors. And there is a big possibility of the giveaway being sponsored by Homeshop18. Currently we are in talks with the management of that website and we hope to have some good news soon.

Last but not the least, Nimue has been pestering me about the challenge widget not working properly. Don't worry, we've escalated the matter to our technical team and they are working hard to have the error fixed.

{who am I kidding? :P I've do it on my own, after I figure it out}

Yes, Swarnali, you can have your deserved break. Read your syllabus and rock your exams. Visit us once a while and drop us some kick-ass comments.

That being said, I'm definitely updating the Membership Privileges. Its getting way too easy!

Also, Author Interviews are totally on. We are interviewing an author as we speak {a pretty author, I must say}. By the end of the week, we will post it. Drop us your feedback.

P.S| Invite your friends. We have the passion, we have the reviews...what we lack is readers.

P.P.S| *runs to check his bank balance*


  1. Ah! Arpita!! Couldn't you have let both of us win ??? You came marching in with the last review at the very last moment. :(
    Nevermind,Congrats,am really glad you won :D (Yeah seriously glad,not gonna let you win when I come back :P)

    Congrats to Arpi (again.Girl am tired of saying congrats over and over to you :P) and Nimue for the purple card :)

  2. hey,swarnali, u've done a gr8 job. i know u'll win the next time for sure. :) i just wanted to be d only winner THIS particular month. it's the month of my birthday, plz forgive me. :P

    FL & all admins- thank you. :)

    and esp, FL- thanks for challenging me; u knw it wudnt have been nearly as fun otherwise. ;) *grins broadly*

  3. ooooh, this is the best thing tht could've begun this month!!!! i'm so thrilled! :D and FL- we're "interviewing a pretty author" huh? i think she'll be pleased to hear that. ;)

  4. okay okay i forgive you :P
    Btw whens ur b'day?

  5. AND this idea if celebrating women's day is awesome! :) @swarnali, the 10th of this month. thanks. :P

  6. congrats every one .. specially Arpita :)

    And I am glad you liked the theme of the giveaway :D

    And remember ladies .. please lets have some .. nah .. alot lot of romace and chick lit and awesoem heroines reigning the reviews this March :D

  7. and seriously.. stop reading for a day and read the reviews .. help each other know good and bad of it .. and also lets have some talk in comments and shout box :)

  8. congrats Arpita! :)
    and always a pleasure to be a part of the group!

  9. Just reading this made me want to stop slacking. Sigh.

  10. congrats Arpita, Nimue, Swarnali, FL and everyone else on the space for the amazing work.
    sorry for my absence on comments n shouts from past few days, your poor friend here is down with severe chicken pox from past 12 days n I dont know what is wrong with me lately, when will I ever heal fully

  11. oh...take care bhai...get well soon and listen to the doc!

  12. @Pulkit_Aww chicken pox is terrible,hope you get bouncy soon..


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