Happy Birthday

Dear Arpita,

you are growing old :P

Wishing you a very happy birthday.

the admins, the friends, the stalkers.


  1. Dear Arpita,
    May the coming year be prosperous, fun and extremely happy for you. As you step into a new decade in your life, remember that this shall perhaps be the most important one. Don't rush through the next 10 years is all I can tell you, for this is the decade of your youth. Eat well, for as much as we disagree our body reflects how we treat it. Define your own prayers and faith and do not care what others think of you. Remember to fall in love, it's very important a thing in life, but don't force yourself to it. Be neutral, but don't ward it away for fear of heartbreaks - every experience can only strengthen you. Most importantly, remember as much as you are growing old so are our parents, don't ever forget to call them up and make them feel important.

  2. Wish you a very happy birthday Arpita! :D :D

  3. Oh, my GOD!!! This is the best surprise EVER. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I cannot even put into words how I feel at this moment; all I can say is, it was a lucky day for me when I joined ALOP. This post is further proof that I've made great friends here- u guys rock! Growing old doesn't seem too bad at the moment. ;)

    And Sagarika, thank u so much for ur wishes & great advice. ( It's kind of freaky how you've mentioned all the things I wonder about! :D ) I'll never forget your words & will always remember this birthday. Thank you. :)

  4. hey birthday girl...where's the treat??

  5. Eeeee....dis is great ...U'r lucky Arpita :) .....
    wish u a great 20s. "endowedwithmetis" has given a great advice :) ..I hope u do well in ur career nd ur personal life be as happy as it can b ...Happy Birthday once again :)

  6. god bless u sister, keep rocking!!

  7. thanks FL, geet & pulkit bhaiya; u guys just made this the best birthday i've ever had! :)

  8. May these books you read turn you into a brighter, wiser woman with each passing year. Happy birthday, Arpita! XX

  9. thank you, UCV!! :D i hope so too! ;)


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