February has been awesome so far. Immense response from everyone this month. 21 days and we have 33 fantastic reviews so far.

So people, can we hit 50??? 7 days to go, 17 reviews till 50...Can we?? We are well on our way to break December's record of 35 reviews in which Arpita did a massive 10 reviews...

With Aishwarya, PeeVee and Koustabh joining our ranks this month, lets go get the target!

In other news, the Share-a-book initiative is going national as of March 1. Everyone willing to share their books within the blog can send me the name of the books they own with the name of  the respective author so that I can update the widget.

C'mon people, get on with the reading and invite, invite and invite anyone who is willing to contribute as well as those who love to read.



  1. its an intrablog initiative. you can check the contact us tab

  2. thats a pretty hopeful figure ! Lets hope we do read good and review better ;)

  3. So, we finally had FL smiling :) with all the hard work he had put for the page and continues motivation with admin posts at start of months, I guess the inspiration is showing colors. God bless!

    with regards to the matter how high our graph reaches, we all need to make sure we are consistent on our monthly target of say 30 in the long term. I was once a part of a place where people wrote 300 posts a month and ended up writing 18 the very next. Just don't want such a thing to ever happen to this beautiful page.
    secondly, we need to make sure a review gets atleast a day on the front page and keep the momentum accordingly, many a times readers don't go to older posts and Its important that the reviewer gets a fair enough time for his/her post to stay under the light.
    The family is expanding and so is its hunger, lets keep the party rolling and make sure each one of us is happy being here always :)


  4. @smita - share a book thing is our friend-level-bond where people who are a part of this page, exchange books that they have with their other friends around here, to help us satisfy our hunger to read :D ;) in most interesting ways, and also saving the money to buy that book too

  5. and thanks for making me part of this amazing blog

  6. Pulkit is right.. I remember that blog! 398 posts in one month and few months later, 3 posts in a month.

    That must never happen.

    @Aishwarya glad to have you here


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