AUTHOR : Mahesh Dattani
GENRE: Drama
ISBN: 8175300035
MRP: Rs. 60 (on flipkart)

ABOUT THE AUTHOR : Mahesh Dattani is the first Indian playwright writing in English to be awarded the Sahitya Akademi award. His plays bring Indian drama into the present day in their themes sexuality, religious tension and gender issues while still focussing on human relationships and personal and moral choices which are the classic concerns of world drama.

EXCERPT: "  Dan : Forgive me, Tara. forgive me, for making it my tragedy   " 

SWARNALI SPEAKS: Mahesh Dattani has a motive,a serious social motive whenever he writes a play. But his plays are so entertaining that they often hide the serious issues highlighted in his works. I won't be exaggerating a bit if I say haven't read another Indian playwright whose works are as captivating, entertaining, well structured and seriously handled as Dattani's. He is a pure genius when it comes to handling complex plots with sensitivity. His multi layered and multi dimentional stage setting is another interesting feature in most of his plays. 

Tara in particular is set in two different locations and different time zones. The play begins with the grown up Dan (Chandan Patel) at his house in London who attempts to write a play called "Twinkle Tara" about his twin sister Tara. The scene is then shifted to the past when Chandan and Tara were kids. Dattani takes the creative license when he makes the characters Tara and Chandan, Siamese twins (which is a biological impossibility. Siamese twins are always of the same sex and are females most of the times). This he does purposefully to heighten the issue he is handling.
Tara and Chandan were born with three legs, one each and an extra which was given to Chandan during their separation. This extra leg which was given to Chandan eventually becomes ineffective and had to be surgically removed,turning both the siblings one-legged. Tara is the bubbly, positive and ambitious one who is not ready to lose due to her physical deformity. Chandan on the other hand has accepted his inability and does not revolt. 
Dattani takes the issue of tyrannical patriarchy and how the siblings turn to be the worst sufferers despite their innocence. I was shocked beyond words when I came to know that in certain families in Gujrat, the female infant is killed by drowning her in a tub of milk.
Dattani takes you through a heart wrenching tale where everyone has their roles in leading Tara to her tragedy. Read the book to know more and be prepared to be shocked and surprised.



  1. oh man! how on earth do you read so heavy stuff...but i like the story

  2. @FL_just try reading one and you'll know what pulls me to his works. He is addictive,really addictive.

  3. I can say the same to you for fantasy darling


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